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+BitBake is a generic task execution engine that allows shell and Python tasks to be run
+efficiently and in parallel while working within complex inter-task dependency constraints.
+One of BitBake's main users, OpenEmbedded, takes this core and builds embedded Linux software
+stacks using a task-oriented approach.
+For information about Bitbake, see the OpenEmbedded website:
+Bitbake plain documentation can be found under the doc directory or its integrated
+html version at the Yocto Project website:
+Please refer to
+for guidelines on how to submit patches, just note that the latter documentation is intended
+for OpenEmbedded (and its core) not bitbake patches (
+but in general main guidelines apply. Once the commit(s) have been created, the way to send
+the patch is through git-send-email. For example, to send the last commit (HEAD) on current
+branch, type:
+ git send-email -M -1 --to
+Mailing list:
+Source code: