path: root/bin/bitbake-worker
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* cooker, bitbake-worker: Fix spelling of "received"Phil Blundell2016-01-311-2/+2
* bitbake: Set process names to be meaninfulRichard Purdie2016-01-291-1/+7
* bitbake-worker: Guard against multiprocessing corruption of event dataRichard Purdie2015-09-291-0/+9
* bitbake-worker: Ensure pipe closure doesn't crash before killpg()Richard Purdie2015-09-091-1/+5
* bitbake-worker: Handle SIGKILL of parent gracefullyRichard Purdie2015-09-091-2/+7
* bitbake-worker: Simple code cleanupRichard Purdie2015-09-091-3/+2
* bitbake-worker: Fix regression with unbuffered logsJason Wessel2015-05-241-0/+9
* bitbake-worker: Use setsid() rather than setpgid()Richard Purdie2015-01-081-2/+5
* bitbake-worker: exit normally when SIGHUPRobert Yang2014-11-201-1/+8
* bitbake-worker: Fix bitbake -nRichard Purdie2014-09-221-2/+3
* siggen/runqueue/bitbake-worker: Improve siggen data transfer interfaceRichard Purdie2014-09-111-1/+1
* bitbake-worker: Extra profiling data dumpRichard Purdie2014-08-271-4/+32
* bitbake-worker: Improve sigterm handlerRichard Purdie2014-08-221-1/+6
* bitbake-worker: Drop BBHASH variablesRichard Purdie2014-04-211-4/+0
* bitbake-worker: Ensure children have default sigterm handlerRichard Purdie2014-03-111-0/+2
* bitbake-worker: Gracefully handle SIGTERMRichard Purdie2014-03-091-0/+8
* bitbake: Share BB_TASKDEPDATA with tasksRichard Purdie2013-11-261-3/+4
* runqueue/bitbake-worker: Fix dry run fakeroot issuesRichard Purdie2013-11-221-1/+2
* bitbake: Ensure ${DATE} and ${TIME} are consistentPeter Kjellerstedt2013-09-061-0/+2
* bitbake-worker: ensure BUILDNAME is available during executionPaul Eggleton2013-09-041-0/+1
* bitbake-worker: import needed signal moduleValentin Popa2013-07-311-0/+1
* prserv: Adapt autostart to bitbake-workerRichard Purdie2013-06-121-0/+1
* runqueue: Split runqueue to use bitbake-workerRichard Purdie2013-06-121-0/+358