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* toaster: custom image updates and original creationDavid Reyna2017-08-221-37/+61
* toaster: Add distro selection supportDavid Reyna2017-06-271-3/+10
* toaster: api Add GET REST API for Layer informationMichael Wood2016-12-121-3/+52
* toaster: api Add layer Add apiMichael Wood2016-12-121-3/+98
* toaster: buildinfohelper toaster-custom-images layerMichael Wood2016-11-301-6/+10
* toaster: Delete notification update front end implementation to designMichael Wood2016-10-061-1/+1
* toaster: api / project Cancel any in progress builds before project deleteMichael Wood2016-10-061-21/+34
* toaster: layerdetails Update implementation of delete imported layerMichael Wood2016-09-281-1/+1
* toaster: Add backend API for deleting a buildMichael Wood2016-09-281-0/+30
* toaster: project page Implement front end feature to delete projectMichael Wood2016-09-281-4/+11
* toaster: move MostRecentBuildsView to its own widgetMichael Wood2016-09-281-108/+0
* toaster: Clean up and convert to rest api project edit and get callsMichael Wood2016-09-281-0/+161
* toaster: Move Custom image recipe rest api to api fileMichael Wood2016-09-021-10/+459
* toaster: layerdetails clean ups after integrating local layer changesMichael Wood2016-09-021-2/+4
* toaster: update api to include local_source_dirSujith H2016-09-021-1/+3
* toaster: show progress of recipe parsing in recent builds areaElliot Smith2016-08-111-1/+9
* toaster: move most recent builds templating to clientElliot Smith2016-08-111-1/+104
* toaster: Replace references to LayerSource modelsMichael Wood2016-07-251-4/+2
* toaster: api Add util function for returning the error responseMichael Wood2016-07-081-12/+16
* toaster: layerdetails api Fix saving of git revision of a layerMichael Wood2016-07-081-1/+98
* toaster: use re.sub() instead of translate()Ed Bartosh2016-06-011-1/+2
* toaster: xhr Update the implementation of the build cancellation requestMichael Wood2016-04-061-9/+45
* toaster: Move xhr calls for starting and stopping buildsMichael Wood2016-04-061-0/+74