{% extends "base.html" %} {% load projecttags %} {% load humanize %} {% load static %} {% block title %} Import layer - {{project.name}} - Toaster {% endblock %} {% block pagecontent %}
{% include "projecttopbar.html" %} {% if project and project.release %}
The layer you are importing must be compatible with {{project.release.description}}, which is the release you are using in this project.
Where is the layer source code?

To build the layer Toaster must be able to access the Git repository, otherwise builds will fail. Toaster will fetch and checkout your chosen Git revision every time you start a build.

Use this option for quick layer development, by simply providing the path to the layer source code.

Git repository information
Layer dependencies (optional)
You can only add layers Toaster knows about
To import a layer you need to enter a layer name, a Git repository URL and a Git revision (branch, tag or commit)
{% else %} {#project and project release#}

Unsupported project type

This project does not support importing layers.

{% endif %} {% endblock %}