BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
stable/1.42-nextfetch2: runfetchcmd(): unset _PYTHON_SYSCONFIGDATA_NAMEMatthias Schiffer12 hours
stable/1.42-nmutgitsm: Fix a bug where the wrong path was used for the submodule initMark Hatle10 days
mgh/gitsm-need-updategitsm: Add need_update method to determine when we are going to a new SRCREVMark Hatle3 months
stable/1.38-nmutCOW: Fix StopIteration warningRichard Purdie3 months
stable/1.40-nextgitsm: The fetcher did not process some recursive submodules properly.Mark Hatle3 months
stable/1.40-nmutgitsm: The fetcher did not process some recursive submodules properly.Mark Hatle3 months
mgh/gitsmgitsm: The fetcher did not process some recursive submodules properly.Mark Hatle5 months
akuster/1.38bitbake: toaster: allow OE_ROOT to be provided through environmentBelal, Awais7 months
mgh/12928lib/layerindexlib/tests/ Fix test cases when BB_SKIP_NETTETS=yesMark Hatle9 months
mgh/wipWIP - gitsm fetcher reworkMark Hatle9 months
mgh/ Fix incorrect bb files matched warningMark Hatle10 months
paule/fix-event-save-restoreparse/ast: ensure saved event handlers really do get restoredPaul Eggleton10 months
mgh/bitbake-layerindexWIPMark Hatle11 months
stable/1.38-testbitbake: Update version to stable release branch version 1.38Richard Purdie12 months
paule/bb-shell-removecooker: remove old bitbake shell referencePaul Eggleton15 months
stable/1.36-nexttinfoil: Ensure we clean up loggersRichard Purdie19 months
paule/bb-fixes2cooker: fix typo in bitbake -g messagePaul Eggleton19 months
paule/bblayers-fix2bitbake-layers: show-recipes: fix help to mention -i supports multiple classesPaul Eggleton19 months
stable/1.34-nexttoaster: allow dots in user path namesDavid Reyna19 months
paule/python-36-inotify-fixcooker: fix watching directories with Python 3.6+Paul Eggleton20 months
paule/toaster-fixtoaster: build missing toaster.conf settingsDavid Reyna20 months
paule/bb-watch-fixescooker: ensure monkey-patching in collect_bbfiles() gets undone on errorPaul Eggleton21 months
paule/parsecache-invalidatecommand: Add command to invalidate parse cachePaul Eggleton21 months
paule/bb-fixesserver/process: ensure server failure log is limited to current sessionPaul Eggleton21 months
mgh/bitbake-setupbitbake-setup: Add WIP implementation of bitbake-setup [DO NOT MERGE]Mark Hatle21 months
paule/sigfixessiggen: move reset() definition to base SignatureGenerator classPaul Eggleton21 months
paule/tinfoil-fixes-bb4fetch2/npm: add noverify parameter to skip lockdown/shrinkwrapPaul Eggleton22 months
paule/fetch2-encodeurl-fixfetch2: don't mandate path element in encodeurl()Paul Eggleton22 months
paule/bb-tinfoil-logging2Revert "tinfoil: fix duplication of log messages"Paul Eggleton22 months
paule/bitbake-setupbitbake-layers: disable parsing for layerindex commandsPaul Eggleton23 months
akuster/ support deeply nested tokensPatrick Ohly2 years
masterrunqueue: Fix collapsed setscene dependency treeRichard Purdie2 years