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bitbake-user-manual: Clarified override-style operators.
Fixes [YOCTO #9985] Made the following changes: * Section Removal (Override Style Syntax): Added a small qualifying sentence at the end to further define behavior * Added new section "Override Style Operation Advantages": This section provides some rationale behind the "_append" style operations. * Section "Examples": Changed an example to use the "=" operator rather than the "+=" operator. Signed-off-by: Scott Rifenbark <srifenbark@gmail.com>
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"789 123456" and <filename>FOO2</filename> becomes
"ghi abcdef".
+ <para>
+ Like <filename>_append</filename> and
+ <filename>_prepend</filename>, <filename>_remove</filename>
+ is deferred until after parsing completes.
+ </para>
+ </section>
+ <section id='override-style-operation-advantages'>
+ <title>Override Style Operation Advantages</title>
+ <para>
+ An advantage of the override style operations
+ "_append", "_prepend", and "_remove" as compared to the
+ "+=" and "=+" operators is that the override style
+ operators provide guaranteed operations.
+ For example, consider a class iilename>foo.bbclass</filename>
+ that needs to add the value "val" to the variable
+ <filename>FOO</filename>, and a recipe that uses
+ <filename>foo.bbclass</filename> as follows:
+ <literallayout class='monospaced'>
+ inherit foo
+ FOO = "initial"
+ </literallayout>
+ If <filename>foo.bbclass</filename> uses the "+=" operator,
+ as follows, then the final value of <filename>FOO</filename>
+ will be "initial", which is not what is desired:
+ <literallayout class='monospaced'>
+ FOO += "val"
+ </literallayout>
+ If, on the other hand, <filename>foo.bbclass</filename>
+ uses the "_append" operator, then the final value of
+ <filename>FOO</filename> will be "initial val", as intended:
+ <literallayout class='monospaced'>
+ FOO_append = " val"
+ </literallayout>
+ <note>
+ It is never necessary to use "+=" together with "_append".
+ The following sequence of assignments appepnds "barbaz" to
+ <filename>FOO</filename>:
+ <literallayout class='monospaced'>
+ FOO_append = "bar"
+ FOO_append = "baz"
+ </literallayout>
+ The only effect of changing the second assignment in the
+ previous example is to add a space before "baz" in the
+ appended value (due to how the "+=" operator works.
+ </note>
+ Another advantage of the override style operations is that
+ you can combine them with other overrides as described in the
+ "<link linkend='conditional-syntax-overrides'>Conditional Syntax (Overrides)</link>"
+ section.
+ </para>
<section id='variable-flag-syntax'>
@@ -564,13 +618,13 @@
A = "Y"
A_foo_append = "Z"
- A_foo_append += "X"
+ A_foo_append = "X"
For this case, before any overrides are resolved,
<filename>A</filename> is set to "Y" using an immediate assignment.
After this immediate assignment, <filename>A_foo</filename> is set
to "Z", and then further appended with
- "X" leaving the variable set to "Z X".
+ "X" leaving the variable set to "ZX".
Finally, applying the override for "foo" results in the conditional
variable <filename>A</filename> becoming "Z X" (i.e.
<filename>A</filename> is replaced with <filename>A_foo</filename>).