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bitbake-user-manual: Updated the [noexec] and [nostamp] flag descriptions
Fixes [YOCTO #10401] Added some wording to clarify that setting these flags to "1" causes the desired action. Also, provided a cautionary note about tasks depending on any [nostamp] task causes the task to always be executed and could cause unnecessary rebuild time. Signed-off-by: Scott Rifenbark <srifenbark@gmail.com>
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- Marks the tasks as being empty and no execution required.
- The <filename>[noexec]</filename> flag can be used to set up
+ When set to "1", marks the task as being empty, with
+ no execution required.
+ You can use the <filename>[noexec]</filename> flag to set up
tasks as dependency placeholders, or to disable tasks defined
elsewhere that are not needed in a particular recipe.
- Tells BitBake to not generate a stamp file for a task,
- which implies the task should always be executed.
+ When set to "1", tells BitBake to not generate a stamp
+ file for a task, which implies the task should always
+ be executed.
+ <note><title>Caution</title>
+ Any task that depends (possibly indirectly) on a
+ <filename>[nostamp]</filename> task will always be
+ executed as well.
+ This can cause unnecessary rebuilding if you are
+ not careful.
+ </note>
List of functions to call after the completion of the task.