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FOO_append = "baz"
The only effect of changing the second assignment in the
- previous example is to add a space before "baz" in the
- appended value (due to how the "+=" operator works.
+ previous example to use ":=" would be to add a space before
+ "baz" in the appended value (due to how the "+=" operator
+ works).
Another advantage of the override style operations is that
you can combine them with other overrides as described in the
@@ -639,7 +640,7 @@
to "Z", and then further appended with
"X" leaving the variable set to "ZX".
Finally, applying the override for "foo" results in the conditional
- variable <filename>A</filename> becoming "Z X" (i.e.
+ variable <filename>A</filename> becoming "ZX" (i.e.
<filename>A</filename> is replaced with <filename>A_foo</filename>).