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Expanded and clarify documentation for the -v, --verbose and -D, --debug options. [YOCTO #9962] Signed-off-by: Diana Thayer <garbados@gmail.com> Signed-off-by: Richard Purdie <richard.purdie@linuxfoundation.org>
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Read the specified file before bitbake.conf.
Read the specified file after bitbake.conf.
- -v, --verbose Output more log message data to the terminal.
- -D, --debug Increase the debug level. You can specify this more
- than once.
+ -v, --verbose Enable tracing of shell tasks (with 'set -x').
+ Also print bb.note(...) messages to stdout (in
+ addition to writing them to ${T}/log.do_<task>).
+ -D, --debug Increase the debug level. You can specify this
+ more than once. -D sets the debug level to 1,
+ where only bb.debug(1, ...) messages are printed
+ to stdout; -DD sets the debug level to 2, where
+ both bb.debug(1, ...) and bb.debug(2, ...)
+ messages are printed; etc. Without -D, no debug
+ messages are printed. Note that -D only affects
+ output to stdout. All debug messages are written
+ to ${T}/log.do_taskname, regardless of the debug
+ level.
-n, --dry-run Don't execute, just go through the motions.
Dump out the signature construction information, with