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Remove the now-obsolete reference to "bbread".
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- <title>Commands</title>
- <section>
- <title>bbread</title>
- <para>bbread is a command for displaying BitBake metadata. When run with no arguments, it has the core parse 'conf/bitbake.conf', as located in BBPATH, and displays that. If you supply a file on the commandline, such as a .bb, then it parses that afterwards, using the aforementioned configuration metadata.</para>
- <para><emphasis>NOTE: the stand a lone bbread command was removed. Instead of bbread use bitbake -e.
- </emphasis></para>
- </section>
- <section>
- <title>bitbake</title>
+ <title>The bitbake command</title>
<para>bitbake is the primary command in the system. It facilitates executing tasks in a single .bb file, or executing a given task on a set of multiple .bb files, accounting for interdependencies amongst them.</para>
@@ -515,6 +507,5 @@ BBFILE_PRIORITY_upstream = "5"
BBFILE_PRIORITY_local = "10"</screen>
- </section>