BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
master-nexttoaster: bin/toaster Fix noweb commandMichael Wood4 days
masterbitbake: Switch to post release versionRichard Purdie4 days
1.30toaster-tests: tests for build dashboardElliot Smith14 days
1.28toaster: make runbuilds loopEd Bartosh3 months
1.22cooker: Ensure bbappend files are processed in a determistic orderRichard Purdie4 months
1.24cooker: Ensure bbappend files are processed in a determistic orderRichard Purdie4 months
1.26toaster: Rework mimetype guessing to fix artifact downloadsElliot Smith5 months
noupdatedatatests/data: Add new data testsRichard Purdie10 months
1.20fetch2/ let try_mirror_url return correct valueRobert Yang24 months
1.18hob: disable layer drag and drop outside the containing widgetCristiana Voicu2 years
TagDownloadAuthorAge  bitbake-1.26.0.tar.gz  bitbake-1.26.0.tar.bz2  Beth Flanagan12 months  bitbake-1.17.0.tar.gz  bitbake-1.17.0.tar.bz2  Richard Purdie3 years  bitbake-1.16.0.tar.gz  bitbake-1.16.0.tar.bz2  Richard Purdie4 years  bitbake-1.15.3.tar.gz  bitbake-1.15.3.tar.bz2  Richard Purdie4 years  bitbake-1.15.2.tar.gz  bitbake-1.15.2.tar.bz2  Richard Purdie4 years  bitbake-1.15.1.tar.gz  bitbake-1.15.1.tar.bz2  Richard Purdie4 years  bitbake-1.14.0.tar.gz  bitbake-1.14.0.tar.bz2  Richard Purdie4 years  bitbake-1.13.3.tar.gz  bitbake-1.13.3.tar.bz2  Richard Purdie5 years  bitbake-1.13.2.tar.gz  bitbake-1.13.2.tar.bz2  Richard Purdie5 years  bitbake-1.13.1.tar.gz  bitbake-1.13.1.tar.bz2  Richard Purdie5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
4 daysbitbake: Switch to post release versionHEADmasterRichard Purdie2-2/+2
7 daysfetch2: export DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS to support authentication agentsRoss Burton1-2/+3
14 daystoaster-tests: tests for build dashboard1.30Elliot Smith2-87/+251
14 daystoaster: add modal to select custom image for editingElliot Smith8-92/+186
14 daystoaster: add build dashboard buttons to edit/create custom imagesElliot Smith9-96/+345
14 daystoaster-tests: make helper click on input before entering textElliot Smith1-1/+5
14 daystoaster-tests: add tests for new custom image pageElliot Smith1-0/+160
14 daystoaster: prevent exception when Project.release is nullElliot Smith1-5/+11
14 daystoaster: only prevent duplicate custom image names within a projectElliot Smith2-17/+24
14 daystoaster: disable/enable "Add layer" button according to input's contentElliot Smith2-1/+34