BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterradvd: fix daemon start-upChen Qi38 hours
master-nextruby: make build deterministic by adding PACKAGECONFIG for valgrindJackie Huang46 hours
daisyimagemagick: fix SRC_URIJavier Viguera9 days
jansa/masterefl, elementary, elvas-generic-loaders: upgrade to 1.11.2Martin Jansa3 weeks
dylanx264: fix SRCREV after upstream repository changePaul Eggleton3 months
dylan-nextx264: fix SRCREV after upstream repository changePaul Eggleton3 months
doracloud9: Fix branch paramMartin Jansa6 months
danny-nextsip-native: fix SRC_URIEric BENARD17 months
dannycifs-utils: Add runtime recommendation to CIFS kernel moduleOtavio Salvador17 months
denzil-nextcpuburn-neon: fix packaging to use a date as version and valid sourcesOtavio Salvador21 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
38 hoursradvd: fix daemon start-upHEADmasterChen Qi3-5/+7
38 hourswireshark: add PACKAGECONFIG for krb5Jackie Huang1-0/+1
38 hoursntp: add status for initscriptWenzong Fan1-1/+8
38 hoursnet-snmp: add ac_cv_header_valgrind_* to CACHED_CONFIGUREVARSJackie Huang1-0/+5
38 hourstftp-hpa: fix the empty file writing errorRoy.Li2-0/+40
38 hoursRevert "tftp-hpa: bug fix on empty file put error"Roy.Li2-34/+0
39 hoursPolarSSL: update package descriptionEduardo Silva1-3/+15
39 hourspostfix: remove overriding config config_directoryKang Kai1-1/+1
39 hoursquagga: remove watchquagga when start with systemdChong.Lu@windriver.com1-2/+3
39 hoursebtables: fix for sysvinit and systemdChen Qi4-166/+192