BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
master-nextdiffutils: Add patch to fix gplv2 version with gcc6Richard Purdie33 hours
python3fixupRichard Purdie43 hours
masterlinux-yocto/4.4: integrate v4.4.11Bruce Ashfield43 hours
jethrowic: insert local Python paths at frontMatt Madison3 days
krogothgdb: Backport patch to changes with AVX and MPXSaul Wold5 days
fidobuild-appliance-image: Update to fido head revisionRichard Purdie2 weeks
daisyeglibc: security fix CVE-2015-7547Javier Viguera6 weeks
dizzyglibc: CVE-2015-8776Armin Kuster2 months
dylankernel.bbclass: Complete fix for modules symlinkPaul Barker12 months
master-next-1.9piglit: add PACKAGECONFIG for freeglutRobert Yang14 months
TagDownloadAuthorAge  uninative-1.0.tar.gz  uninative-1.0.tar.bz2  Tracy Graydon6 days  openembedded-core-2016-4.tar.gz  openembedded-core-2016-4.tar.bz2  Tracy Graydon4 weeks  openembedded-core-2015-4.tar.gz  openembedded-core-2015-4.tar.bz2  Beth Flanagan13 months  openembedded-core-2011-1.tar.gz  openembedded-core-2011-1.tar.bz2  Richard Purdie5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
43 hourslinux-yocto/4.4: integrate v4.4.11HEADmasterBruce Ashfield3-16/+16
43 hourslinux-yocto/4.4: beaglebone: build in the usb controller driversBruce Ashfield3-3/+3
43 hourslinux-yocto/4.1: v4.1.24 and gcc6 powerpc fixesBruce Ashfield3-16/+16
43 hourssqlite3: update to 3.13.0Maxin B. John1-2/+2
43 hoursiproute2: upgrade to 4.6.0Maxin B. John3-20/+31
43 hoursmatchbox-keyboard: UpgradeJussi Kukkonen1-4/+8
43 hoursmesa-demos: Upgrade 8.2.0 -> 8.3.0Jussi Kukkonen8-2140/+59
43 hoursfontconfig: Upgrade 2.11.94 -> 2.11.95Jussi Kukkonen2-136/+3
43 hoursdropbear: Upgrade 2015.71 -> 2016.73Jussi Kukkonen3-5/+50
43 hoursmkelfimage: fix compile issuesChristopher Larson2-4/+7