BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterpopulate_sdk_base: Fix grep command usage on old hostsRichard Purdie26 hours
dorabinutils: Fix building nativesdk binutils with gcc 4.9Khem Raj3 days
master-nextautoconf: remove automake patch enforcing --foreignRoss Burton3 days
daisypopulate_sdk_deb: Fix non x86_64 SDK buildsRichard Purdie3 days
dylanopenssl: fix for CVE-2010-5298Yue Tao7 weeks
master-next-1.6kernel: restore scripts in the sysrootBruce Ashfield10 months
dannybinutils: fix build with recent texinfo (5.1)Eric Bénard12 months
denzillibtasn1: Upgrade to 2.13Saul Wold18 months
2011-1apt 0.7.14: do_compile failed with gcc 4.7Robert Yang2 years
TagDownloadAuthorAge  openembedded-core-2011-1.tar.gz  openembedded-core-2011-1.tar.bz2  Richard Purdie3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
26 hourspopulate_sdk_base: Fix grep command usage on old hostsHEADmasterRichard Purdie1-1/+1
26 hoursselftest/ fix QA_WARN test and add more output when failingCorneliu Stoicescu1-3/+3
26 hourslibx11: Add missing NULL checkDrew Moseley2-0/+73
26 hourscml1: correct diffconfig output formatStefan Müller-Klieser1-1/+1
26 hoursnss: CVE-2013-5606Li Wang2-0/+49
26 hourspulseaudio: fix CVE-2014-3970Shan Hai2-1/+55
26 hoursbase-files: fix up misleading dir grouping names for lsb dirsPaul Gortmaker2-12/+13
26 hoursbase-files: remove strange 2775 perms from dirs like /homePaul Gortmaker2-6/+7
26 hoursbase-files: actually install 2775 dirs as 2775, not 2755Paul Gortmaker1-1/+1
26 hourslibav: fix PACKAGECONFIG for theora and libvorbisMatthieu Crapet1-2/+0