BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterqemu-native: Enable temporary debug info as default.Aníbal Limón21 hours
master-nextlinux-yocto-dev: update to 4.2-rcBruce Ashfield4 days
dizzygrub-efi: Add backslash lost from previous commitRichard Purdie10 days
fidolicense_class: Fix choose_lic_set into incompatible licenseAníbal Limón2 weeks
daisysquashfs-tools: enable building unsquashfs and fix squashfs-4.2-fix-CVE-2012-...Martin Jansa6 weeks
dylankernel.bbclass: Complete fix for modules symlinkPaul Barker3 months
master-next-1.9piglit: add PACKAGECONFIG for freeglutRobert Yang5 months
dorabuild-appliance-image: Update to dora head revisionRichard Purdie9 months
dannybinutils: fix build with recent texinfo (5.1)Eric Bénard2 years
denzillibtasn1: Upgrade to 2.13Saul Wold3 years
TagDownloadAuthorAge  openembedded-core-2015-4.tar.gz  openembedded-core-2015-4.tar.bz2  Beth Flanagan4 months  openembedded-core-2011-1.tar.gz  openembedded-core-2011-1.tar.bz2  Richard Purdie4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
21 hoursqemu-native: Enable temporary debug info as default.HEADmasterAníbal Limón1-0/+3
21 hourssystemd: Increase devices timeout in QEMU machines to avoid failures on seria...Aníbal Limón2-0/+32
21 hoursgcc-source: exlude from worldRandy MacLeod3-0/+6
21 hoursEmpty image: filesystem allocationAlex Franco1-1/+9
21 hoursEmpty image: package list splitting and iterationAlex Franco3-4/+5
21 hoursoeqa/runtime/multilib: fix and improve multilib testRoss Burton1-3/+16
21 hoursqemuarm64.conf: Make the second serial console /dev/hvc0Randy Witt1-1/+1
21 hourssysvinit-inittab: Run ttys on ttys that don't have tty in the nameRandy Witt1-1/+2
22 hoursbind: remove dependency on bind in bind-devRoss Burton1-1/+1
22 hoursqemurunner: Don't loop on EWOULDBLOCK in logging thread.Randy Witt1-14/+14