BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mastersstate: Ensure siginfo and sig files are also touchedRichard Purdie6 days
master-nextbase: Improve handling of switching virtual/x providersRichard Purdie13 days
jethrobuild-appliance-image: Update to jethro head revisionRichard Purdie4 weeks
fidobuild-appliance-image: Update to fido head revisionRichard Purdie2 months
dizzybuild-appliance-image: Update to dizzy head revisionRichard Purdie2 months
daisysquashfs-tools: enable building unsquashfs and fix squashfs-4.2-fix-CVE-2012-...Martin Jansa5 months
dylankernel.bbclass: Complete fix for modules symlinkPaul Barker6 months
master-next-1.9piglit: add PACKAGECONFIG for freeglutRobert Yang8 months
dorabuild-appliance-image: Update to dora head revisionRichard Purdie12 months
dannybinutils: fix build with recent texinfo (5.1)Eric BĂ©nard2 years
TagDownloadAuthorAge  openembedded-core-2015-4.tar.gz  openembedded-core-2015-4.tar.bz2  Beth Flanagan7 months  openembedded-core-2011-1.tar.gz  openembedded-core-2011-1.tar.bz2  Richard Purdie4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
6 dayssstate: Ensure siginfo and sig files are also touchedHEADmasterRichard Purdie1-0/+2
6 daysweston: Add PACKAGECONFIG option for colord CMSOtavio Salvador1-0/+2
6 daysopkg: add cache filename length fixesAlejandro del Castillo5-0/+431
6 daysopenjade-native: statically link local libsChristopher Larson1-6/+16
6 dayssysklogd: inhibit updatercd for non-sysvinitChristopher Larson1-0/+5
6 daysconnman: depend on readlineChristopher Larson1-1/+1
6 dayslatencytop: obey LDFLAGSChristopher Larson1-1/+1
6 daystcf-agent: obey LDFLAGSChristopher Larson2-0/+29
6 daysblkspace: fix ldflags for iowatcherChristopher Larson1-5/+18
6 daysbluez5: enable sysvinit supportChristopher Larson2-1/+75