BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masteroeqa/selftest: Added decorators to buildoptions.pyLucian Musat10 hours
master-nextoeqa/selftest: Added decorators to buildoptions.pyLucian Musat10 hours
daisycrosssdk: Clear MACHINEOVERRIDESRichard Purdie3 weeks
doraqt4: Fix Qt 4.8.5 source to new locationDiego Sueiro6 weeks
dylanopenssl: fix for CVE-2010-5298Yue Tao3 months
master-next-1.6kernel: restore scripts in the sysrootBruce Ashfield11 months
dannybinutils: fix build with recent texinfo (5.1)Eric BĂ©nard14 months
denzillibtasn1: Upgrade to 2.13Saul Wold20 months
2011-1apt 0.7.14: do_compile failed with gcc 4.7Robert Yang2 years
TagDownloadAuthorAge  openembedded-core-2011-1.tar.gz  openembedded-core-2011-1.tar.bz2  Richard Purdie3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
10 hoursoeqa/selftest: Added decorators to buildoptions.pyHEADmaster-nextmasterLucian Musat1-0/+9
10 hourskernel.bbclass: use one package split for all firmware filename extensionsCarlos Rafael Giani1-4/+1
10 hoursu-boot: cleanup indentation and consolidate .inc fileDenys Dmytriyenko5-36/+30
10 hourspopulate_sdk_base/meta-environment: Remove overlap from the twoRichard Purdie2-33/+29
10 hoursmeta-environment: Fix TARGET_OS problem for ppcRichard Purdie1-1/+2
10 hoursgstreamer1.0-plugins-bad: disable libssh2Wenzong Fan2-0/+68
10 hoursperl: remove unneeded patches in ptest directoryChong Lu1-1/+1
10 hourspython: obey LDFLAGSChristopher Larson1-1/+1
10 hoursirda-utils: obey LDFLAGSChristopher Larson2-5/+88
10 hoursblktrace: obey LDFLAGS for btrecordChristopher Larson1-2/+6