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authorKen Gilmer <kgilmer@gmail.com>2011-06-25 13:48:16 +0900
committerKen Gilmer <kgilmer@gmail.com>2011-06-25 13:48:16 +0900
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bitbake commander: remove depreciated bug labs install configuration.
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diff --git a/org.openembedded.bc.ui/scripts/bug_install.sh b/org.openembedded.bc.ui/scripts/bug_install.sh
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--- a/org.openembedded.bc.ui/scripts/bug_install.sh
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@@ -1,24 +0,0 @@
-# Installation script for BUG R1.4
-# Adapted from instructions available at http://wiki.openembedded.net/index.php/Getting_started
-# This script can be executable as shell script after substituting {| |} variables with real values.
-# 4/3/2009 Ken Gilmer
-# These are the variables that are queried in the UI. The following lines are parsed by the install wizard.
-# {|D|Install Directory|R|${HOME}/oe||}
-# {|T|Init Script|R|reinstate-build-env||}
-# System Check
-which git
-which svn
-which python
-# Directory Setup
-[ -d ${Install Directory} ] || mkdir -p ${Install Directory}
-cd ${Install Directory}
-# Installing from Bug Labs SVN repository
-svn export -r HEAD svn://svn.buglabs.net/bug/tags/releases/R1.4/com.buglabs.build.oe
-mv com.buglabs.build.oe/* .
-rm -Rf com.buglabs.build.oe
diff --git a/org.openembedded.bc.ui/scripts/install_flavors.txt b/org.openembedded.bc.ui/scripts/install_flavors.txt
index a762a88..a5a22ad 100644
--- a/org.openembedded.bc.ui/scripts/install_flavors.txt
+++ b/org.openembedded.bc.ui/scripts/install_flavors.txt
@@ -2,7 +2,5 @@
# the format is pipe delimited
# Flavor Label (shows in UI)| description text| image URL| script URL
OpenEmbedded - Development Branch|The main development branch of OpenEmbedded|icons/OE_logo_128.png|scripts/oe_dev_install.sh
-Bug Labs Linux R1.4|BUG Linux provides developer tools for modular hardware|icons/BUG_logo_128.png|scripts/bug_install.sh
Poky Linux - Development Branch|Poky Linux provides a consistent and stable build environment.|icons/poky_128.png|scripts/poky_install.sh
-# BeagleBoard Linux|Beagleboard Linux is a customization of OpenEmbedded|icons/beagle_128.png|scripts/beagle_install.sh
Gumstix Linux|The OpenEmbedded variant for Gumstix Boards, requires Debian-based Host Distro|icons/compute_gumstix.jpg|scripts/gumstix_install.sh \ No newline at end of file