BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
master-nextpython3-requests-toolbelt: add ptestSakib Sajal9 hours
masterpython3-h2: Upgrade 3.1.1 -> 3.2.0Leon Anavi9 hours
dunfell-nextntp: update 4.2.8p15Armin Kuster3 days
zeustremor: update SRC_URI as project moved to gitlabArmin Kuster12 days
zeus-nexttremor: update SRC_URI as project moved to gitlabArmin Kuster12 days
dunfellpython3-docutils: Remove, moved to OE-coreAdrian Bunk3 weeks
warriortcpdump: Delete unused patchPeiran Hong9 months
warrior-nexttcpdump: Delete unused patchPeiran Hong9 months
thudtcpdump: Fix CVE-2017-16808Peiran Hong9 months
thud-nexttcpdump: Fix CVE-2017-16808Peiran Hong9 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
9 hourspython3-h2: Upgrade 3.1.1 -> 3.2.0HEADmasterLeon Anavi1-2/+2
9 hourspython3-h2: Consolidate in a single fileLeon Anavi2-14/+11
9 hourspython3-pywbem: Upgrade 0.17.2 -> 0.17.3Leon Anavi1-2/+2
9 hourspython3-keras-preprocessing: Upgrade 1.1.0 -> 1.1.2Leon Anavi2-15/+16
9 hourspython3-cachetools: Upgrade 4.1.0 -> 4.1.1Leon Anavi1-2/+2
9 hourspython3-configargparse: Upgrade 0.15.1 -> 1.2.3Leon Anavi1-2/+2
9 hourspython3-cassandra-driver: Upgrade 3.14.0 -> 3.24.0Leon Anavi1-2/+2
9 hourspython3-u-msgpack-python: Enable ptestZang Ruochen2-1/+16
9 hourspython3-click: Enable ptestZang Ruochen2-1/+19
9 hourspython3-cbor2: Enable ptestZang Ruochen2-1/+18