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authorwangmy <wangmy@fujitsu.com>2021-12-27 22:34:12 +0800
committerArmin Kuster <akuster808@gmail.com>2022-01-05 07:42:27 -0800
commit697808910bdc4c5e70375b147a23f2338b737844 (patch)
parent89bf10d0cb8af495de02ba7a02c487a8b5592cc6 (diff)
apache2: upgrade 2.4.51 -> 2.4.52
Changelog: ========== *) SECURITY: CVE-2021-44790: Possible buffer overflow when parsing multipart content in mod_lua of Apache HTTP Server 2.4.51 and earlier (cve.mitre.org) A carefully crafted request body can cause a buffer overflow in the mod_lua multipart parser (r:parsebody() called from Lua scripts). The Apache httpd team is not aware of an exploit for the vulnerabilty though it might be possible to craft one. This issue affects Apache HTTP Server 2.4.51 and earlier. *) SECURITY: CVE-2021-44224: Possible NULL dereference or SSRF in forward proxy configurations in Apache HTTP Server 2.4.51 and earlier (cve.mitre.org) A crafted URI sent to httpd configured as a forward proxy (ProxyRequests on) can cause a crash (NULL pointer dereference) or, for configurations mixing forward and reverse proxy declarations, can allow for requests to be directed to a declared Unix Domain Socket endpoint (Server Side Request Forgery). This issue affects Apache HTTP Server 2.4.7 up to 2.4.51 (included). *) http: Enforce that fully qualified uri-paths not to be forward-proxied have an http(s) scheme, and that the ones to be forward proxied have a hostname, per HTTP specifications. *) OpenSSL autoconf detection improvement: pick up openssl.pc in the specified openssl path. *) mod_proxy_connect, mod_proxy: Do not change the status code after we already sent it to the client. *) mod_http: Correctly sent a 100 Continue status code when sending an interim response as result of an Expect: 100-Continue in the request and not the current status code of the request. PR 65725 *) mod_dav: Some DAV extensions, like CalDAV, specify both document elements and property elements that need to be taken into account when generating a property. The document element and property element are made available in the dav_liveprop_elem structure by calling dav_get_liveprop_element(). *) mod_dav: Add utility functions dav_validate_root_ns(), dav_find_child_ns(), dav_find_next_ns(), dav_find_attr_ns() and dav_find_attr() so that other modules get to play too. *) mpm_event: Restart stopping of idle children after a load peak. PR 65626. *) mod_http2: fixes 2 regressions in server limit handling. 1. When reaching server limits, such as MaxRequestsPerChild, the HTTP/2 connection send a GOAWAY frame much too early on new connections, leading to invalid protocol state and a client failing the request. See PR65731. The module now initializes the HTTP/2 protocol correctly and allows the client to submit one request before the shutdown via a GOAWAY frame is being announced. 2. A regression in v1.15.24 was fixed that could lead to httpd child processes not being terminated on a graceful reload or when reaching MaxConnectionsPerChild. When unprocessed h2 requests were queued at the time, these could stall. See <https://github.com/icing/mod_h2/issues/212>. *) mod_ssl: Add build support for OpenSSL v3. *) mod_proxy_connect: Honor the smallest of the backend or client timeout while tunneling. *) mod_proxy: SetEnv proxy-nohalfclose (or alike) allows to disable TCP half-close forwarding when tunneling protocols. *) core: Be safe with ap_lingering_close() called with a socket NULL-ed by a third-party module. PR 65627. *) mod_md: Fix memory leak in case of failures to load the private key. PR 65620 *) mod_md: adding v2.4.8 with the following changes - Added support for ACME External Account Binding (EAB). Use the new directive `MDExternalAccountBinding` to provide the server with the value for key identifier and hmac as provided by your CA. While working on some servers, EAB handling is not uniform across CAs. First tests with a Sectigo Certificate Manager in demo mode are successful. But ZeroSSL, for example, seems to regard EAB values as a one-time-use-only thing, which makes them fail if you create a seconde account or retry the creation of the first account with the same EAB. - The directive 'MDCertificateAuthority' now checks if its parameter is a http/https url or one of a set of known names. Those are 'LetsEncrypt', 'LetsEncrypt-Test', 'Buypass' and 'Buypass-Test' for now and they are not case-sensitive. The default of LetsEncrypt is unchanged. - `MDContactEmail` can now be specified inside a `<MDomain dnsname>` section. - Treating 401 HTTP status codes for orders like 403, since some ACME servers seem to prefer that for accessing oders from other accounts. - When retrieving certificate chains, try to read the repsonse even if the HTTP Content-Type is unrecognized. - Fixed a bug that reset the error counter of a certificate renewal and prevented the increasing delays in further attempts. - Fixed the renewal process giving up every time on an already existing order with some invalid domains. Now, if such are seen in a previous order, a new order is created for a clean start over again. See <https://github.com/icing/mod_md/issues/268> - Fixed a mixup in md-status handler when static certificate files and renewal was configured at the same time. *) mod_md: values for External Account Binding (EAB) can now also be configured to be read from a separate JSON file. This allows to keep server configuration permissions world readable without exposing secrets. *) mod_proxy_uwsgi: Remove duplicate slashes at the beginning of PATH_INFO. PR 65616. Signed-off-by: Wang Mingyu <wangmy@fujitsu.com> Signed-off-by: Khem Raj <raj.khem@gmail.com> (cherry picked from commit ea76fc643713915a1618597be8bdbe0e4a3d993e) Signed-off-by: Armin Kuster <akuster808@gmail.com>
-rw-r--r--meta-webserver/recipes-httpd/apache2/apache2_2.4.52.bb (renamed from meta-webserver/recipes-httpd/apache2/apache2_2.4.51.bb)2
1 files changed, 1 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/meta-webserver/recipes-httpd/apache2/apache2_2.4.51.bb b/meta-webserver/recipes-httpd/apache2/apache2_2.4.52.bb
index 4b36c50d55..0bf29a744e 100644
--- a/meta-webserver/recipes-httpd/apache2/apache2_2.4.51.bb
+++ b/meta-webserver/recipes-httpd/apache2/apache2_2.4.52.bb
@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ SRC_URI:append:class-target = " \
LIC_FILES_CHKSUM = "file://LICENSE;md5=bddeddfac80b2c9a882241d008bb41c3"
-SRC_URI[sha256sum] = "20e01d81fecf077690a4439e3969a9b22a09a8d43c525356e863407741b838f4"
+SRC_URI[sha256sum] = "0127f7dc497e9983e9c51474bed75e45607f2f870a7675a86dc90af6d572f5c9"
S = "${WORKDIR}/httpd-${PV}"