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python-matplotlib: update to v2.1.2; add python3 supporttimo/python-matplotlib-2.1.2-WIP
* Refactor common metadata to python-matplotlib.inc * Inherit pypi and drop github "archive" SRC_URI * Define FILESEXTRAPATHS so that common patch files are only carried in one location Upstream Release Notes v2.1.2: " The second bug-fix release for the 2.1 series. This release fixes a number of critical bugs: - fix a typo in mlab.cohere which yielded incorrect results - allow nonposx / nonposy to pass through loglog - fix color comparisons when finding handles with legend - fixes a recursive draw bug and a major performance regression in Qt5Agg backend - fix a re-draw bug in WxAgg - fix image scaling with high-bit depth integers - revert the busy-cursor " Upstream Release Notes v2.1.1: " The first and only planned bug-fix release for the 2.1 series. This release include many bug and documentation fixes. Highlights are: - change default logscale behavior to clip - fixed webagg import errors - tweaks to polar ticks - fixed exception when guessing afm family names - update manifest to include all doc files - improve masked array handling in pcolormesh - fix segfault from reading invalid png - fix blocking_input - fix bug resulting in huge multi-page pdf files - make `show` in nbagg take args as other backends do - several fixes to OSX backend - restore positional arg handling on Figure.legend - fix bugs in interactive navigation - fix issues when panning with invalid limits - fix bug with fully masked arrays passed to imshow " Upstream Release Notes v2.1.0: " This is the second minor release in the Matplotlib 2.x series and the first release with major new features since 1.5. This release contains approximately 2 years worth of work by 275 contributors across over 950 pull requests. Highlights from this release include: support for string categorical values export of animations to interactive javascript widgets major overhaul of polar plots reproducible output for ps/eps, pdf, and svg backends performance improvements in drawing lines and images GUIs show a busy cursor while rendering the plot along with many other enhancements and bug fixes " Signed-off-by: Tim Orling <timothy.t.orling@linux.intel.com>
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+py.test @MATPLOTLIB_DIR@ --junit-xml matplotlib.xml