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Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* tvheadend: Update to 4.0.9Khem Raj2016-12-028-146/+197
* dvb-apps: fix recipe, and update to the latest versionHerve Jourdain2016-10-251-4/+22
* meta-oe: remove trailing spacesMartin Jansa2016-08-221-1/+1
* tvheadend: add a patch to fix issues with gcc 6 and drop the -Wno-error=misle...Derek Straka2016-06-232-2/+47
* tvheadend: add CFLAG to ignore misleading indentationsDerek Straka2016-06-151-3/+2
* abiword, fbreader, tvheadend, glmark2, libqmi, modemmanager, thrift, wvdial, ...Martin Jansa2016-06-131-0/+3
* dvd-apps: Fix several QA WARNINGSArmin Kuster2016-06-081-0/+10
* oscam: respect *flags set from OEMartin Jansa2015-08-312-1/+41
* oscam: fixed QA issue where binary was being strippedroot root2014-08-231-1/+1
* oscam: add dependency on pscs-liteMartin Jansa2014-08-111-1/+1
* recipes: convert remaining SUMMARY/DESCRIPTION cosmetic issuesMatthieu CRAPET2014-02-231-1/+1
* oscam: bump SRCREVKoen Kooi2014-01-151-1/+1
* tvheadend: Disable dvdscanMartin Jansa2014-01-011-0/+1
* recipes: Unify indentationMartin Jansa2013-04-152-35/+35
* patches: update Upstream-Status to use capital 'S'Martin Jansa2013-02-051-1/+1
* dvb-apps: import 1.1.1+hg from OE classicKoen Kooi2013-01-181-0/+106
* oscam: add svn versionKoen Kooi2013-01-181-0/+18
* tvheadend: add git versionKoen Kooi2013-01-182-0/+122