path: root/meta-networking/recipes-support/ipsec-tools
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* ipsec-tools: uprev it to 0.8.2Roy Li2014-08-132-39/+2
* ipsec-tools: enable Dead Peer Detection and NAT traversalTing Liu2014-07-301-0/+2
* ipsec-tools: several fixesRoy Li2014-07-304-1/+127
* ipsec-tools: Use "foreign" automake strictnessRichard Purdie2014-07-222-0/+14
* ipsec-tools: Update patch statusPaul Barker2014-04-201-1/+2
* ipsec-tools: Don't link against libflPaul Barker2014-03-142-1/+88
* ipsec-tools: fix unrecognised --without-gssapi optionTing Liu2014-01-221-1/+0
* ipsec-tools: fix dependencies and enable two configurationRoy.Li2013-07-171-2/+4
* ipsec-tools: update Upstream-Status for patchPaul Barker2013-06-191-1/+2
* ipsec-tools: Upgrade to 0.8.1 and fix build with gcc 4.8Khem Raj2013-06-144-31/+42
* ipsec-tools: move to meta-networking and tweakPaul Eggleton2013-04-193-0/+76