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* xserver-nodm-init: do not execute Xsession twiceJonathan Liu2013-06-201-1/+1
* xserver-nodm-init: install .service and conf only with systemd in DISTRO_FEAT...Martin Jansa2013-04-191-4/+7
* recipes: Unify indentationMartin Jansa2013-04-151-6/+6
* xserver-nodm-init: move systemd support from meta-systemd back to meta-oeMartin Jansa2013-04-153-2/+26
* xserver-nodm-init: move systemd support to meta-systemdAndreas Müller2012-07-163-24/+2
* xserver-nodm-init: add EnvironmentFileMartin Jansa2012-04-103-1/+8
* xserver-nodm-init: use /etc/X11/Xserver from service file instead of Xorg dir...Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli2012-04-102-2/+2
* Quoting fixesMartin Jansa2012-02-261-1/+1
* xserver-nodm-init: remove unneeded systemd codeAndreas Müller2012-02-231-8/+1
* xserver-nodm-init: move systemd service to xserver-nodm-init-systemdOtavio Salvador2012-01-091-16/+14
* xserver-nodm-init: set USER and HOMEMartin Jansa2011-11-012-1/+8
* xserver-nodm-init: exit 1 only if systemd is installed and use ${base_bindir}Otavio Salvador2011-10-111-6/+4
* xserver-nodm-init: add optional systemd supportKoen Kooi2011-07-262-6/+30
* Drop PRIORITY variablePaul Eggleton2011-07-141-1/+0
* recipes: use allarch.bbclass instead just PACKAGE_ARCH = allMartin Jansa2011-06-021-2/+2
* recipes,classes: import a lot of recipes from meta-shrMartin Jansa2011-04-103-0/+424