BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
yoe/mutrocksdb: Upgrade to 5.17.2Khem Raj103 min.
obi/pyrolibev: correct source pathS. Lockwood-Childs32 hours
jansa/sumogeoip: update SRC_URIChangqing Li34 hours
jansa/thudgeoip: update SRC_URIChangqing Li43 hours
jansa/mastergeoip: update SRC_URIChangqing Li43 hours
akuster/master-wipmeta-initramfs: add pkg group and imageArmin Kuster3 weeks
stable/sumo-nmutupm: Fix do_package error as following when enable multilib.leimaohui3 weeks
stable/sumo-nextwireshark: 2.4.8 src moved to all-versionsArmin Kuster3 weeks
paule/mqtt-updatespython*-paho-mqtt: upgrade to 1.4.0Paul Eggleton4 weeks
paule/libsshlibssh: upgrade to 0.8.4Paul Eggleton8 weeks
stable/rocko-nmutiscsi-initiator-utils: CVE-2017-17840Zhixiong Chi2 months
jansa/androidandroid-tools: upgrade to 9.0.0-r10Martin Jansa2 months
kraj/masterlibmpdclient: new recipeMax Kellermann3 months
mastersplit net-snmp-libs into smaller packagesAlexander Filippov3 months
jansa/rockoglm: update -> 0.9.9-a2 to fix x86_64 (sse-simd) buildAndreas Müller3 months
stable/rocko-nextglm: update -> 0.9.9-a2 to fix x86_64 (sse-simd) buildAndreas Müller3 months
paule/mosquitto-1-5-1mosquitto: upgrade to 1.5.1Paul Eggleton4 months
paule/faad-fixesfaad2: set LICENSE_FLAGSPaul Eggleton4 months
akuster/armsoc-mesonxf86-video-armsoc: add meson supportArmin Kuster5 months
ross/sumophoronix-test-suite: add dependency on lsb_releaseRoss Burton6 months
ross/masterphoronix-test-suite: add dependency on lsb_releaseRoss Burton6 months
timo/python3-dogtail[WIP] python3-dogtail: Add recipe for 0.9.10+gitTim Orling6 months
sumopython-lockfile: Fix build error as following:leimaohui6 months
jansa/mortyrarpd, sblim-sfcb, openct: inherit systemd unconditionallyMartin Jansa6 months
jansa/pyrorarpd, sblim-sfcb, openct: inherit systemd unconditionallyMartin Jansa6 months
paule/mosquitto-1-4-15mosquitto: upgrade to 1.4.15Paul Eggleton7 months
stable/morty-nextdnsmasq: backport CVE fixes from dnsmasq 2.78Zhang Xiao7 months
stagging/master-next2boinc: refresh patchesArmin Kuster7 months
stagging/master-nextstm32flash: Fix packaging errorsKhem Raj7 months
timo/python3-pytest_3.4.2-fixpython3-pytest: fix broken fetch (3.4.1 -> 3.4.2)Tim Orling9 months
timo/meta-python-regexpython-pylint: upgrade v1.8.2 -> v1.8.3Tim Orling9 months
rocko-nextpython-automat: fix build dependencies to avoid download during do_compileDerek Straka9 months
obi/rockosamba: fix installation for minimal buildAndreas Oberritter9 months
akuster/meta-oe-reorgpostgres: move to recipes-dbsArmin Kuster10 months
stagging/master-updatespython-webcolors: update to version 1.8Derek Straka10 months
stable/pyro-nextwireshark: Update Package to 2.2.12Armin Kuster10 months
ross/xorglibxcalibrate: add, from oe-coreRoss Burton11 months
ross/pcmciapcmciautils: add (from oe-core)Ross Burton11 months
timo/python-matplotlib-2.1.2-WIPpython-matplotlib: update to v2.1.2; add python3 supportTim Orling11 months
akuster/mut-nextiperf: rename to iperf2 and bump 2.0.5 -> 2.0.10Ioan-Adrian Ratiu11 months
timo/python-systemd-muslpython[3]-systemd: cleanup common content; fix build for muslTim Orling11 months
timo/meta-perl-upgradeslibxml-libxml-perl: upgrade 2.0131 -> 2.0132Tim Orling11 months
timo/meta-oe-perl-upgradeslibdbi-perl: upgrade 1.636 -> 1.639Tim Orling11 months
mut2-nextxorgxrdp: add distro_features_check for x11Martin Jansa11 months
akuster/mutxfce-polkit: fix Name/Comment fields in desktop fileAndreas Müller11 months
ross/mesonmeson: don't pass LD as it isn't usedRoss Burton12 months
akuster/for-stable-mortybinutils: CVE-2017-15938Thiruvadi Rajaraman13 months
akuster/morty-nextmariadb: Security fix for CVE-2016-6664Sunil Kumar13 months
stagging/morty-nextflite-alsa: Fix QA issueArmin Kuster13 months
akuster/pyro-nextopencv: fix runtime dependencies.Ismo Puustinen14 months
paule/casynccasync: add new recipePaul Eggleton14 months
paule/mdnsmdns: move from meta-intel-iot-middlewarePaul Eggleton14 months
paule/dnsmasqdnsmasq: upgrade to 2.78Paul Eggleton15 months
paule/mraaupm: add recipe from meta-refkit-corePaul Eggleton15 months
paule/python-pyfirmatapython-pyfirmata: move in from meta-intel-iot-middleware and upgradePaul Eggleton15 months
mgh/yp-compat/master-nextflorence: update 0.6.3Andreas Müller15 months
paule/mqtt-recipespaho-mqtt-c: add recipe from meta-intel-iot-middleware and updatePaul Eggleton16 months
akuster/masterlibexecinfo: fix complie issueArmin Kuster16 months
jansa/master-next-unresolved-reviewmakedev: add new recipeLi xin16 months
paule/python-paho-mqtt-fixespython-paho-mqtt: fix downloading during do_compilePaul Eggleton16 months
dankm/zshzsh: update to 5.4.1Dan McGregor16 months
akanavin/mesonmeson: fix gtk-doc and gobject-introspectionAlexander Kanavin16 months
ross/degnome-wipsite: remove ORBit-specific site cachesRoss Burton17 months
ross/degnomegimp: remove libart-lgpl build dependencyRoss Burton17 months
obi/krogothkodi: Don't append to PACKAGECONFIG, fix disabling openglAndreas Oberritter18 months
dankm/tmuxgateone: fixup rdepends and prefixDan McGregor19 months
obi/masterstart-stop-daemon: drop recipe in favour of dpkgAndreas Oberritter20 months
obi/krogoth-stablekodi: Don't append to PACKAGECONFIG, fix disabling openglAndreas Oberritter21 months
rbt/depspython-pbr: remove PNBLACKLISTRobert Yang22 months
master-nextfwts: upgrade to 16.12.00 releaseFathi Boudra24 months
dankm/krogoth-htophtop: update to 2.0.3Dan McGregor2 years
joeythesaint/meta-networking-nextiscsi-initiator-utils: Update to 2.0.874Joe MacDonald2 years
jansa/krogothcmpi-bindings: fix build with python 3Alexander Kanavin2 years
akuster/krogoth-nextpcsc-lite: Seperate GPLV3 portions from BSDDavis, Michael2 years
akuster/jethro-nextwireshark: update package to 1.12.13 for security fixes.Armin Kuster2 years
jansa/jethrowireshark: update package to 1.12.13 for security fixes.Armin Kuster2 years
dankm/package-updatespackagegroup-x11-illume: use existing themeDan McGregor2 years
ross/vertofixup vertoRoss Burton3 years
jansa/jethro-backportsgstreamer: fix argument parsing when using Bison 3Stefan Agner3 years
dankm/jethro-backportsnet-snmp: fix some invalid pathsCatalin Enache3 years
jansa/fidoruby-native: Depend on openssl-nativeKhem Raj3 years
jansa/dizzymariadb: add dependency libeventKang Kai3 years
rbt/7fixesnetkit-ftp: fixed invalid symlinkRobert Yang3 years
funman/vlcnet-snmp: fix cross compilationRafaël Carré3 years
dankm/emacsgateone: update to latest gitDan McGregor3 years
timo/new-meta-perl-recipesRevert "libencode-perl: add 2.76 recipe"Tim Orling3 years
timo/perl-module-updateslibcapture-tiny-perl: update to 0.30Tim Orling3 years
timo/python-pyparted-3.10.5python-pyparted: update to 3.10.5Tim Orling3 years
timo/vlc-2.2.1vlc: update to 2.2.1Tim Orling3 years
obi/dorav4l-utils: properly package libv4l-devAlexandre Belloni3 years
joeythesaint/mastermeta-networking: standardize SECTION valuesJoe MacDonald4 years
timo/python-cryptographypython-cryptography,-vectors: add 0.8.1Tim Orling4 years
kraj/breakpadbreakpad: Install missing headersKhem Raj4 years
paule/python-django-nativesdkpython-django-south: extend to nativesdkPaul Eggleton4 years
dankm/cleanup-wipdracut: recipe cleanupDan McGregor4 years
pabigot/bluez5packagegroup-basic: select distro preference for bluez providerPeter A. Bigot4 years
paule/python-djangopython-django-south: add version 1.0.2Saul Wold4 years
rbt/5fixescherokee: add PACKAGECONFIG for geoipRobert Yang4 years
paule/phpphpmyadmin: update to 4.3.4Paul Eggleton4 years
paule/upgradeslibssh: update to just after 0.6.4Paul Eggleton4 years
paule/networking-fixesdnsmasq: update to 2.72Paul Eggleton4 years
paule/ntp-upgradentp: upgrade to 4.2.8Paul Eggleton4 years
jansa/doragdal: fix sqlite, expat and libtiff detectionMartin Jansa4 years
jansa/dora-backportsgdal: fix sqlite, expat and libtiff detectionMartin Jansa4 years
jansa/daisy-backportsgdal: fix sqlite, expat and libtiff detectionMartin Jansa4 years
jansa/daisygdal: fix sqlite, expat and libtiff detectionMartin Jansa4 years
rbt/rdepswebmin: fix hardcode of python2.3Robert Yang4 years
timo/meta-makerslic3r, libslic3r-perl, libslic3r-xs-perl: tweaks for packagingTim Orling4 years
timo/meta-perllibgrowl-gntp-perl: add 0.20Tim Orling4 years
timo/xbmc-13.2xbmc: update to 13.2Tim Orling4 years
jansa/dylanx264: fix SRCREV after upstream repository changePaul Eggleton4 years
jansa/dylan-backportsx264: fix SRCREV after upstream repository changePaul Eggleton4 years
timo/meta-pythonmeta-python: move recipes from meta-oeTim Orling4 years
jansa/depsgimp: Add PACKAGECONFIG for bzip2, libxpm, libjasper and gudevMartin Jansa5 years
jansa/qcanobserverqcanobserver: Update svn URL for new sourceforge layout, fix build with newer...Martin Jansa5 years
obi/denzilpcsc-lite: fix broken SRC_URIAndreas Oberritter5 years
shrazy: rename lemon provided by azy-native to azy_lemonMartin Jansa6 years
hrw/world-cleanupspython-phoneutils: drop due to lack of libphone-utilsMarcin Juszkiewicz6 years
hrw/aarch64-supportnet-snmp: add pciutils to dependenciesMarcin Juszkiewicz6 years
gnutoo/gpsd-3.7meta-systemd: drop bbappend for gpsd_gitMartin Jansa6 years
gnutoo/vala-0.16.0vala[-native]: 0.14.2 -> 0.16.0Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli7 years
gnutoo/gpsd-3.4gpsd: update to 3.4Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli7 years
gnutoo/libsdlimport libsdl-net from oe-classic (WIP)Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli7 years
trini/misc-v2mercurial-native: Add 1.9 versionTom Rini7 years