BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
master-nextpython3-pystemd: add new recipeCallaghan, Dan2 hours
sumo-nextUpdate wireshark to 2.4.9Stefan Lendl30 hours
masternetworkd-dispatcher: service file is using different location of binaryJan Kaisrlik45 hours
warrior-nextwireless-regdb: Upgrade 2019.03.01 -> 2019.06.03Adrian Bunk6 weeks
warriorturbostat: copy bits.h from kernel to turbostatLiwei Song2 months
thudnetkit-rsh: add tag to CVE patchQi.Chen@windriver.com3 months
thud-nextnetkit-rsh: add tag to CVE patchQi.Chen@windriver.com3 months
stable/thud-nextmozjs: Avoid use of X11 from host when X11 is disabledOtavio Salvador7 months
stable/thud-nmutmozjs: Avoid use of X11 from host when X11 is disabledOtavio Salvador7 months
sumowireshark: 2.4.8 src moved to all-versionsArmin Kuster9 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2013-01-18cpuburn-neon: fix packaging to use a date as version and valid sourcesdenzil-nextOtavio Salvador1-7/+5
2013-01-07systemd_v189: add D_P=-1Eric Bénard1-0/+2
2013-01-07systemd: recover previous _git recipeEric Bénard3-0/+560
2013-01-07systemd: move _git to _v189Eric Bénard12-4/+4
2012-12-21kmod: fix git repo URLEric Bénard1-1/+1
2012-12-16systemd: use system variables instead of hardcoded pathsTing Liu1-1/+4
2012-12-16systemd: update to v189Koen Kooi13-413/+1123
2012-12-16gdm: do not rely on dev-tty7.deviceAndreas Müller2-3/+2
2012-12-16meta-systemd: systemd-systemctl-native: Also add support for WantedBy=*.serviceDenis 'GNUtoo' Carikli2-2/+2
2012-12-16systemd-systemctl-native: handle ALIAS tagAndreas Müller2-1/+18