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networkmanager: udpate to 1.38.0
* Add support for route type "throw". * Fix bug setting priority for IP addresses. * Static IPv6 addresses from "ipv6.addresses" are now preferred over addresses from DHCPv6, which are preferred over addresses from autoconf. This affects IPv6 source address selection, if the rules from RFC 6724, section 5 don't give a exhaustive match. * Static IPv6 addresses from "ipv6.addresses" are now interpreted with first address being preferred. Their order got inverted. This is now consistent with IPv4. * Wi-Fi hotspots will use a (stable) random channel number unless one is chosen manually. * Don't use unsupported SAE/WPA3 mode for AP mode. * NetworkManager will no longer advertise frequencies as supported when they're disallowed in configured regulatory domain. * Attempt to connect to WEP-encrypted Wi-Fi network will now fail gracefully with a recent version of wpa_supplicant when built without WEP support. As long as wpa_supplicant supports WEP, NetworkManager will continue to work. * Disable WPA3 transition mode for wifi.key-mgmt=wpa-psk if the NIC does not support PMF. This is known to cause problems in some setups. It is still possible to explicitly configure wifi.key-mgmt=sae for WPA3. * Add new dummy crypto backend "null" that does nothing. NetworkManager uses the crypto library when handling certificates for 802.1x profiles. * Veth devices with name "eth*" are now managed by default via the udev rule. This is to support managing the network in LXD containers. * The hostname received from DHCP is now shortened to the first dot (or to 64 characters, whatever comes first) if it's too long. * As the insecure WEP encryption for Wi-Fi network is phased out, nmcli now discourages its use when activating or modifying a profile. * Fix connectivity checks in case the check endpoint address resolves to multiple addresses. * Workaround libcurl blocking NetworkManager while resolving DNS names. * nmcli: indicate missing Wi-Fi hardware when showing rfkill setting. * nmcli: add connection migrate command to move a profile to a specified settings plugin. This allows to convert profiles in the deprecated ifcfg-rh format to keyfile. * Set "src" attribute for routes from DHCPv4 to the leased address. This helps with source address selection. * Updated translations. * Various bugfixes and internal improvements. Signed-off-by: Adrian Freihofer <adrian.freihofer@siemens.com> Signed-off-by: Khem Raj <raj.khem@gmail.com>
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