BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
kraj/gcc11gcc: Fix ICE seen in gnutls buildKhem Raj28 hours
anujm/gatesgarthimage-live.bbclass: optional depends when ROOTFS emptyGuillaume Champagne2 days
jansa/gatesgarthbinutils: backport fix for gold with theads enabled from 2.36.0Martin Jansa3 days
jansa/masterimage*.bbclass, kernel*.bbclass: create versioned hard links instead of versi...Martin Jansa4 days
jansa/hardknottreport-error.bbclass: replace angle brackets with < and >Changqing Li4 days
jansa/dunfellimage.bbclass: inherit nopackagesMartin Jansa4 days
yoe/mutgstreamer1.0-libav: remove explicit LICENSE_FLAGSYann Dirson5 days
masterbuild-appliance-image: Update to master head revisionRichard Purdie5 days
stable/dunfell-nutgo_1.14: don't set -buildmode=pie when building for windows targetsPeter Morrow5 days
stable/dunfell-nextimage,populate_sdk_base: move 'func' flag setting for sdk command varsChristopher Larson9 days
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2014-09-09busybox: install ping6 into bindir by defaultChenQi/unsafe-referenceChen Qi1-0/+25
2014-09-09kmod: install libkmod into base_libdirChen Qi1-3/+6
2014-09-09iputils: fix program location and QA warningChen Qi1-11/+18
2014-09-09insane.bbclass: make the checking stricter for unsafe references in scriptsChen Qi1-1/+1
2014-09-09udev: fix unsafe reference by installing libgudev in libdirChen Qi1-1/+7
2014-09-09zlib: install into base_libdirChen Qi1-1/+1
2014-09-03alsa-lib: libasound should runtime depends on alsa-confZidan Wang1-1/+1
2014-09-03rpmresolve: ignore null requiresRobert Yang1-1/+7
2014-09-03systemtap: Cross compilation fixMikhail Durnev2-0/+24
2014-09-03systemtap: Fixed probe syscall.sendfile failureMikhail Durnev2-0/+23