BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
jansa/masterpybootchartgui: render just pressure graphs and print max values on stdoutMartin Jansa4 hours
abelloni/master-nextmeson: make wrapper options sub-command specificLiam Beguin7 hours
stable/dunfell-nutcreate-pull-request: don't switch the git remote protocol to git://Martin Jansa12 hours
stable/kirkstone-nutlttng-tools: Disable on riscv32He Zhe24 hours
jansa/kirkstonewic: add 'none' fstype for custom imageJeongBong Seo25 hours
abelloni/master-next-successgtk-icon-cache: Fix GTKIC_CMD if-else conditionDaniel Gomez25 hours
dankm/sstatelibpam: use libdir in conditionalDaniel McGregor47 hours
stable/dunfell-nextlinux-firmware: package new Qualcomm firmwareDmitry Baryshkov3 days
jansa/hardknottelfutils: restore disable_werror.patch from 0.178 versionMartin Jansa3 days
jansa/gatesgarthuninative: Upgrade to 3.7 to work with glibc 2.36Michael Halstead3 days
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2019-04-24manual qa: compliance-test drop ltpstressakuster/master_qaArmin Kuster1-26/+0
2019-04-22manual sdk: remove this manual sdk testArmin Kuster1-32/+0
2019-04-22manual/bsp-qemu: remove connmand test done in runtime testArmin Kuster1-30/+0
2019-04-22manual/bsp-qemu: drop xserver testArmin Kuster1-22/+0
2019-04-22manual qa/bsp-qemu: remove KVM enabled which is already done in selftest runqemuArmin Kuster1-30/+0
2019-04-22manual qa/bsp-qemu: remove rpm tests already done in runtimeArmin Kuster1-60/+0
2019-04-22manual qa/oe-core: remove packageconfig flag testsArmin Kuster1-35/+1
2019-04-22manual tests migrate to selftestArmin Kuster1-0/+89
2019-04-22manual compliance: remove bits done at runtimeArmin Kuster1-89/+1
2019-04-21ltp_compliance: add new runtimeArmin Kuster1-0/+104