BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
stable/dunfell-nutperl: Add check for non-arch fileJoshua Watt8 hours
anujm/zeuslibpcre: Add fix for CVE-2020-14155Rahul Taya4 days
stable/zeus-nextlibpcre: Add fix for CVE-2020-14155Rahul Taya4 days
stable/dunfell-nextuninative: Handle PREMIRRORS genericallyRichard Purdie4 days
yoe/mutglibc: Upgrade to 2.32 releaseKhem Raj6 days
jansa/masterbitbake.conf: use ${TCMODE}-${TCLIBC} directory for CACHEMartin Jansa7 days
jansa/dunfellqemux86: Add identical qemux86copy variant for testsMartin Jansa10 days
jansa/artifactsimages: respect IMAGE_NAME_SUFFIX also for *-testdata.json and *-qemuboot.con...Martin Jansa2 weeks
stable/thud-nutrpm-native:createrepo_c: Update whitespace in native recipeJeremy A. Puhlman4 weeks
rbt/opensslopenssl: openssl-bin requires openssl-conf to runRobert Yang4 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2011-12-05gcc: Backport patch from trunk to fix ICE seen on armv7 with mesa-xlibkraj/gcc-graphiteKhem Raj3-5/+36
2011-12-05eglibc: Update 2.14 recipes to latest SVN tipKhem Raj2-33/+35
2011-12-05gnutls: Fix fix-gettext-version.patchKhem Raj2-3/+16
2011-12-05gcc-4.6: Enable PPL and ClooG supportKhem Raj2-7/+10
2011-12-05cloog-ppl,ppl: Add new recipesKhem Raj6-0/+17092
2011-12-05tcmode-default: Remove pinning u-boot-mkimage-native to non-existing versionKhem Raj1-3/+0
2011-12-05libsdl: Disable pulseaudio explicitlyRichard Purdie1-2/+3
2011-12-05libatomics-ops: patch source code for x32Nitin A Kamble2-2/+44
2011-12-05libaio: patch source code for x32Nitin A Kamble2-2/+64
2011-12-05xproto: fix compilation with x32 toolchainNitin A Kamble2-1/+25