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This chapter provides a reference of shipped machine and distro features
- you can include as part of the image, a reference on image types you can
- build, and a reference on feature backfilling.
+ you can include as part of your image, a reference on image features you can
+ select, and a reference on feature backfilling.
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should be included in the generated images.
Distributions can select which features they want to support through the
<filename><link linkend='var-DISTRO_FEATURES'>DISTRO_FEATURES</link></filename>
- variable, which is set in the <filename>poky.conf</filename> distribution configuration file.
+ variable, which is set or appended to in a distribution's configuration file such as
+ <filename>poky.conf</filename>,
+ <filename>poky-tiny.conf</filename>,
+ <filename>poky-lsb.conf</filename> and so forth.
Machine features are set in the
<filename><link linkend='var-MACHINE_FEATURES'>MACHINE_FEATURES</link></filename>
variable, which is set in the machine configuration file and