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authorMingli Yu <Mingli.Yu@windriver.com>2019-02-13 13:43:28 +0800
committerArmin Kuster <akuster808@gmail.com>2019-03-17 12:07:56 -0700
commit733989ae5e824fee41fd066a7f97014f8204256c (patch)
parent02fa4a3117396e85f746ba990b44d47306cd5c92 (diff)
logrotate.py: restore /etc/logrotate.d/wtmpstable/sumo-test
During the test logrotate.LogrotateTest.test_1_logrotate_setup, there is below logic: # mkdir $HOME/logrotate_dir # sed -i "s#wtmp {#wtmp {\n olddir $HOME/logrotate_dir#" /etc/logrotate.d/wtmp After all logrotate.LogrotateTest finished, only cleanup $HOME/logrotate_dir as below, but don't restore the config file /etc/logrotate.d/wtmp. [snip] def tearDownClass(cls): cls.tc.target.run('rm -rf $HOME/logrotate_dir') [snip] That's to say, there is one additional line added to /etc/logrotate.d/wtmp and will make the logrotate service start failed when run systemd.SystemdBasicTests.test_systemd_failed Take an example as below when run test as root: # cat /etc/logrotate.d/wtmp # no packages own wtmp -- we'll rotate it here /var/log/wtmp { olddir /root/logrotate_dir missingok monthly create 0664 root utmp minsize 1M rotate 1 } # ls /root/logrotate_dir ls: cannot access '/root/logrotate_dir': No such file or directory # systemctl start logrotate Job for logrotate.service failed because the control process exited with error code. See "systemctl status logrotate.service" and "journalctl -xe" for details. # systemctl status logrotate logrotate.service - Rotate log files Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/logrotate.service; static; vendor preset> Active: failed (Result: exit-code) since Wed 2019-02-13 03:35:19 UTC; 7s ago Docs: man:logrotate(8) man:logrotate.conf(5) Process: 540 ExecStart=/usr/sbin/logrotate /etc/logrotate.conf (code=exited, status=1/FAILURE) Main PID: 540 (code=exited, status=1/FAILURE) Feb 13 03:35:18 qemumips systemd[1]: Starting Rotate log files... Feb 13 03:35:19 qemumips logrotate[540]: error: wtmp:9 error verifying olddir path /root/logrotate_dir: No such file or directory Feb 13 03:35:19 qemumips logrotate[540]: error: found error in file wtmp, skipping Feb 13 03:35:19 qemumips systemd[1]: logrotate.service: Main process exited, code=exited, status=1/FAILURE Feb 13 03:35:19 qemumips systemd[1]: logrotate.service: Failed with result 'exit-code'. Feb 13 03:35:19 qemumips systemd[1]: Failed to start Rotate log files. Add the logic to restore /etc/logrotate.d/wtmp to make the cleanup complete to fix the above issue. (From OE-Core rev: a2db9320d97d12d87524ff16a329f9c38a8da33f) Signed-off-by: Mingli Yu <Mingli.Yu@windriver.com> Signed-off-by: Richard Purdie <richard.purdie@linuxfoundation.org> Signed-off-by: Armin Kuster <akuster808@gmail.com>
1 files changed, 5 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/meta/lib/oeqa/runtime/cases/logrotate.py b/meta/lib/oeqa/runtime/cases/logrotate.py
index 992fef2989..2a69d83364 100644
--- a/meta/lib/oeqa/runtime/cases/logrotate.py
+++ b/meta/lib/oeqa/runtime/cases/logrotate.py
@@ -9,8 +9,12 @@ from oeqa.runtime.decorator.package import OEHasPackage
class LogrotateTest(OERuntimeTestCase):
+ def setUpClass(cls):
+ cls.tc.target.run('cp /etc/logrotate.d/wtmp $HOME/wtmp.oeqabak')
+ @classmethod
def tearDownClass(cls):
- cls.tc.target.run('rm -rf $HOME/logrotate_dir')
+ cls.tc.target.run('mv -f $HOME/wtmp.oeqabak /etc/logrotate.d/wtmp && rm -rf $HOME/logrotate_dir')