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Remove this file as it has been deprecated in the previous release. New entries should be added to recipes itself. (From OE-Core rev: a3075bf29f0fa80489e3dd2ade65cc3a3b3d0332) Signed-off-by: Maxin B. John <> Signed-off-by: Richard Purdie <>
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-# NOTE: THIS FILE IS DEPRECATED. Please add new entries to the recipes themselves.
-# - This file contains data that tracks
-# upstream project associated with a given recipe. This list is needed
-# for recipes that version information can not be automagically discovered.
-# As we automate this checking, this file will slowly be reduced.
-# This data is used by the package reporting system (
-# The format is as a bitbake variable override for each recipe
-# UPSTREAM_CHECK_URI_pn-<recipe name> = "recipe_url"
-# - This is the url used by the package checking system to
-# get the latest version of the package
-# UPSTREAM_CHECK_REGEX_pn-<recipe name> = "package_regex"
-# - This is the regex the package checking system uses to
-# parse the page found at UPSTREAM_CHECK_URI_pn-<recipe name>
-# UPSTREAM_CHECK_GITTAGREGEX_pn-<recipe name> = "git_tag_regex"
-# - When source code is fetched from git, git tags are used to
-# determine the upstream release version. This regex can be used
-# to filter only relevant tags.