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authorRichard Purdie <richard.purdie@linuxfoundation.org>2018-04-17 15:42:31 +0100
committerRichard Purdie <richard.purdie@linuxfoundation.org>2018-04-18 18:48:20 +0100
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uninative: Add allow-shlib-undefined to BUILD_LDFLAGS and drop other workarounds
We have a problem when for example, a glibc 2.27 based system builds some library like libpopt-native and puts it into sstate then it is reused on a pre glibc-2.27 system to build something which depends on popt like rpm-native. This results in an error like: recipe-sysroot-native/usr/lib/libpopt.so: undefined reference to `glob@GLIBC_2.27' In the past we've had this problem with new symbols like getrandom and getentropy, here its with a more complex symbol where there is an old version and a newer version. We've looked into various options, basically we cannot link against our uninative libc/ld.so since we don't have the right headers or compiler link libraries. The compiler doesn't allow you to switch in a new set either, even if we did want to ship them. Shipping a complete compiler, dev headers and libs also isn't an option. On the other hand if we follow the ld man page, it does say: """ The reasons for allowing undefined symbol references in shared libraries specified at link time are that: - A shared library specified at link time may not be the same as the one that is available at load time, so the symbol might actually be resolvable at load time. """ which is exactly this case. By the time the binary runs, it will use our uninative loader and libc and the symbol will be available. Therefore we basically have a choice, we get weird intermittent bugs, we drop uninative entirely, or we pass this option. If we pass the option, we can drop the other workarounds too. (From OE-Core rev: 75a62ede393bf6b4972390ef5290d50add19341a) Signed-off-by: Richard Purdie <richard.purdie@linuxfoundation.org>
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diff --git a/meta/recipes-core/expat/expat/no_getrandom.patch b/meta/recipes-core/expat/expat/no_getrandom.patch
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--- a/meta/recipes-core/expat/expat/no_getrandom.patch
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,23 +0,0 @@
-The native version of expat may be used on older systems which dont have glibc 2.25
-and hence don't have getrandom() thanks to uninative. Disable the libc call and
-use the syscall instead to avoid a compatibility issue until we have 2.25 everywhere
-we support with uninative.
-Upstream-Status: Inappropriate
-Index: expat-2.2.3/configure.ac
---- expat-2.2.3.orig/configure.ac
-+++ expat-2.2.3/configure.ac
-@@ -151,7 +151,7 @@ AC_LINK_IFELSE([AC_LANG_SOURCE([
- #include <stdlib.h> /* for NULL */
- #include <sys/random.h>
- int main() {
-- return getrandom(NULL, 0U, 0U);
-+ return getrandomBREAKME(NULL, 0U, 0U);
- }
- ])], [
diff --git a/meta/recipes-core/expat/expat_2.2.5.bb b/meta/recipes-core/expat/expat_2.2.5.bb
index bce59298e5..c68a2ef367 100644
--- a/meta/recipes-core/expat/expat_2.2.5.bb
+++ b/meta/recipes-core/expat/expat_2.2.5.bb
@@ -11,8 +11,6 @@ SRC_URI = "${SOURCEFORGE_MIRROR}/expat/expat-${PV}.tar.bz2 \
file://libtool-tag.patch \
-SRC_URI_append_class-native = " file://no_getrandom.patch"
SRC_URI[md5sum] = "789e297f547980fc9ecc036f9a070d49"
SRC_URI[sha256sum] = "d9dc32efba7e74f788fcc4f212a43216fc37cf5f23f4c2339664d473353aedf6"