path: root/meta/recipes-devtools/gcc/gcc-4.8.inc
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* gcc: ensure target gcc headers can be includedpaule/gcc-omp-fix-daisyPaul Eggleton2015-05-221-0/+1
* gcc: Clean up configure_prepend and fix for mingwRichard Purdie2014-06-161-17/+0
* gcc: Fix a race over unwind.hRichard Purdie2014-04-101-0/+1
* gcc: Add upstream fix for gcc bug 58595Tom Zanussi2014-03-071-1/+2
* gcc: Enable SPE & AltiVec generation on powepc*linux target.Alexandru-Cezar Sardan2014-02-281-0/+1
* gcc: Include patch scheduled for GCC 4.8.3 to fix epilogue on ARMHolger Hans Peter Freyther2014-01-311-0/+1
* Basic recipe formatting fixesPaul Eggleton2014-01-021-1/+1
* gcc: Upgrade to 4.8.2Khem Raj2013-11-211-14/+5
* gcc: Fix strange C++ repo issuesRichard Purdie2013-10-111-0/+1
* gcc-target: Fix libatomic dependency tracking issuesRichard Purdie2013-09-221-0/+1
* gcc-4.8: fix ICE of cross-compile for PowerPC e500v2 targetsChunrong Guo2013-08-301-0/+1
* gcc-4.8.inc: Allow lto to be configurableRichard Purdie2013-08-271-1/+3
* gcc-4.8: Add two patches to deal with cross-canadian build failuresRichard Purdie2013-08-221-0/+2
* gcc-4.8: Fix meta-fsl-arm iperf build issueKhem Raj2013-08-021-0/+1
* gcc-4.8: fix compiling GCC when /usr/lib/libstdc++.so is presentJonathan Liu2013-07-251-0/+1
* gcc-4.8: Fix on-device SDK C++ runtime issueKhem Raj2013-07-181-0/+1
* gcc-4.8: Fix ICE on ppc/spe targetsKhem Raj2013-06-271-2/+3
* gcc-4.8: Backport fix for ICE triggered in pixmanMartin Jansa2013-06-171-0/+1
* gcc: Upgrade to 4.8.1Khem Raj2013-06-131-4/+4
* gcc: Workaround for compiler flag mismatchMark Hatle2013-06-041-0/+1
* gcc-4.8: Fix GCC ICE on armKhem Raj2013-04-221-0/+1
* gcc-4.8: Refactor gcc-4.8.0 patch files.Elvis Dowson2013-04-221-35/+35
* gcc-4.8: Add recipesKhem Raj2013-04-221-0/+132