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* libmad: remove recipeAlexander Kanavin2016-06-236-183/+0
* libmad: remove use of obsolete _thumb over-rideAndre McCurdy2016-03-241-2/+0
* libmad: use ftp instead of sourceforge for consistency with libid3tagAlexander Kanavin2015-07-311-1/+1
* libmad: use "foreign" automake strictnessRoss Burton2014-07-162-0/+13
* Replace one-line DESCRIPTION with SUMMARYPaul Eggleton2014-01-021-1/+1
* libmad: replace obsolete automake macros with working onesMarko Lindqvist2013-01-152-2/+18
* Add LICENSE_FLAGS to packages mentioned in COMMERCIAL_LICENSETom Zanussi2012-01-241-0/+1
* libmad: add SRC_URI ChecksumSaul Wold2011-07-051-0/+3
* Drop PRIORITY variableRichard Purdie2011-07-011-1/+0
* libmad: add Upstream-StatusSaul Wold2011-06-013-0/+6
* Major layout change to the packages directoryRichard Purdie2010-08-274-0/+147