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authorAlexander Kanavin <>2019-02-27 18:47:31 +0100
committerRichard Purdie <>2019-02-28 13:20:21 +0000
commit4a558a5f2db68538e0edad798ddf48eb9510a7d6 (patch)
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qemu: split the native version into usermode and system parts
The rationale is to streamline the overall build. The system parts are only needed to run target images, and so can be built towards the end of the build process. At the same time, the system parts may need gtk+-native and mesa-native which add significantly to the build time. On the other hand, the usermode parts have almost no dependencies and can be built quickly. They are needed at recipes build time to run target binaries, and so are required quite early in the typical build process. Signed-off-by: Alexander Kanavin <> Signed-off-by: Richard Purdie <>
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diff --git a/meta/classes/image_types.bbclass b/meta/classes/image_types.bbclass
index 6b9407e78b..f363c42ee5 100644
--- a/meta/classes/image_types.bbclass
+++ b/meta/classes/image_types.bbclass
@@ -310,9 +310,9 @@ CONVERSION_DEPENDS_zip = "zip-native"
CONVERSION_DEPENDS_sum = "mtd-utils-native"
CONVERSION_DEPENDS_bmap = "bmap-tools-native"
CONVERSION_DEPENDS_u-boot = "u-boot-tools-native"
-CONVERSION_DEPENDS_vmdk = "qemu-native"
-CONVERSION_DEPENDS_vdi = "qemu-native"
-CONVERSION_DEPENDS_qcow2 = "qemu-native"
+CONVERSION_DEPENDS_vmdk = "qemu-system-native"
+CONVERSION_DEPENDS_vdi = "qemu-system-native"
+CONVERSION_DEPENDS_qcow2 = "qemu-system-native"
CONVERSION_DEPENDS_base64 = "coreutils-native"
RUNNABLE_IMAGE_TYPES ?= "ext2 ext3 ext4"