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ruby: update to 2.4.3
This fixes a segfault in arm64 multilib. Drop CVE-2017-14064.patch Additional CVE included are 2.4.3: CVE-2017-17405: Command injection vulnerability in Net::FTP Additional CVE included are 2.4.2: CVE-2017-0898: Buffer underrun vulnerability in Kernel.sprintf CVE-2017-10784: Escape sequence injection vulnerability in the Basic authentication of WEBrick CVE-2017-14033: Buffer underrun vulnerability in OpenSSL ASN1 decode CVE-2017-14064: Heap exposure in generating JSON Ruby Gems: DNS request hijacking vulnerability. (CVE-2017-0902) ANSI escape sequence vulnerability. (CVE-2017-0899) DoS vulnerability in the query command. (CVE-2017-0900) vulnerability in the gem installer that allowed a malicious gem to overwrite arbitrary files. (CVE-2017-0901) Signed-off-by: Armin Kuster <>
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