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authorKhem Raj <>2015-05-28 19:22:31 -0700
committerRichard Purdie <>2015-06-03 16:34:42 +0100
commita23cbec2fab9832dfcbad08e22f0f81a01fcab65 (patch)
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parent6cef5f25c8ba45d17a670200c9197f8e12afbad1 (diff)
binutils: Update to tip of 2.25 branch
This update brings following patches 749b1c7 Fix some PPC assembler errors. fe1e924 [AArch64][Backport] Remove Load/Store register (unscaled immediate) alias 4e4d08c [AArch64][Backport] Don't always create new frag for .inst directive 0381bf1 [AArch64][Backport] PR18270, fix handling of GOT entry for local symbol bb22a11 [AArch64][Backport]Improve PC-relative relocation check for shared library 699dcf3 opcodes/ e700dd4 Downgrade linker error on protected symbols in .dynbss to a warning 13ccf8a Revert "Add extern_protected_data and set it for x86" b0356a6 Add support for the Samsung Exynos M1 processor. 40dbf9d Add support for the Samsung Exynos M1 processor. 2aa5937 Don't pass unadorned zeros to varargs functions 12aca65 Relax PR 15228 protected visibility restriction b443789 [AArch64] Fix branch stubs for BE ab50ec0 Import fixes from mainline sources that address illegal memory access problems with the ELF targeted parts of the BFD library. a539f2c Import patches from the master sources which fix illegal memory accesses found by running the binutils on fuzzed binaries. a5ebc2c Fix build problem introduced by previous delta to coffgrok.c 7a57494 Import fixes from mainline that address illegal memory accesses when working with COFF/PE based files. 4f9583e Import fixes from trunk sources to correct invalid memory access issues with various binutils programs. 304a2b6 Import fixes for invalid memory access issues in the binutils DWARF parser from the trunk sources. 1dead8a Import security fixes for readelf from the master branch: 3e3feb3 Limit multi-byte nop instructions to 10 bytes f12dd7b S/390: Disable relocation sort against code sections. 846daac Fix ppc32 synthetic symbols when __tls_get_addr_opt stub is generated 7235408 Tweak ppc32 tls_get_addr optimisation 642fe3b PowerPC64 thread-safe stubs not needed for iplt 2791b63 Use dynamic text relocs for protected vars cff59f0 PowerPC64 GOLD: complain on misaligned _DS relocs 20951c8 Fix gold error: hidden symbol '...' is not defined locally 7428be5 [AArch64][2.25] Backport support for Cortex-A72 8093a8b [ARM][2.25] Backport support for Cortex-A72 f7cf878 [ARM] Backport "Skip private symbol when doing objdump" 031994d Add extern_protected_data and set it for x86 Additionally rearranges the local patches in sequence Signed-off-by: Khem Raj <>
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-rw-r--r--meta/recipes-devtools/binutils/binutils/0014-gold-arm-Skip-pic-check-for-R_ARM_REL32.patch (renamed from meta/recipes-devtools/binutils/binutils/0001-gold-arm-Skip-pic-check-for-R_ARM_REL32.patch)0
2 files changed, 2 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/meta/recipes-devtools/binutils/ b/meta/recipes-devtools/binutils/
index 269bcbbdbb..c9a5fe075c 100644
--- a/meta/recipes-devtools/binutils/
+++ b/meta/recipes-devtools/binutils/
@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ def binutils_branch_version(d):
BINUPV = "${@binutils_branch_version(d)}"
-SRCREV = "f2df1e49400f9e2d8d63a5d0fec9bf8c5c2b3342"
+SRCREV = "bff55dd20499331280c96697a25b48dd4d7b69e8"
SRC_URI = "\
git://;branch=binutils-${BINUPV}-branch;protocol=git \
file://0002-configure-widen-the-regexp-for-SH-architectures.patch \
@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@ SRC_URI = "\
file://0011-Change-default-emulation-for-mips64-linux.patch \
file://0012-Add-XLP-instructions-support.patch \
file://0013-Fix-an-internal-error-in-do_print_to_mapfile-seen-wi.patch \
- file://0001-gold-arm-Skip-pic-check-for-R_ARM_REL32.patch \
+ file://0014-gold-arm-Skip-pic-check-for-R_ARM_REL32.patch \
S = "${WORKDIR}/git"
diff --git a/meta/recipes-devtools/binutils/binutils/0001-gold-arm-Skip-pic-check-for-R_ARM_REL32.patch b/meta/recipes-devtools/binutils/binutils/0014-gold-arm-Skip-pic-check-for-R_ARM_REL32.patch
index e02430251e..e02430251e 100644
--- a/meta/recipes-devtools/binutils/binutils/0001-gold-arm-Skip-pic-check-for-R_ARM_REL32.patch
+++ b/meta/recipes-devtools/binutils/binutils/0014-gold-arm-Skip-pic-check-for-R_ARM_REL32.patch