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valgrind: disable 256 ptests for aarch64
On qemuarm64 systems, about half of the valgrind tests fail and often result in defunct processes, eg: root 819 818 25 00:12 pts/0 00:01:52 /usr/bin/valgrind --command-line-only=yes --memcheck:leak-check=no --tool=memcheck -q --track-origins= root 861 420 0 00:13 pts/0 00:00:00 [sh] <defunct> Eventually these processes use so much memory that the out of memory killer runs. Hide the tests that fail as a horrid work-around until the root cause has been resolved since this at least allows the ptest run to complete. This work-around is done in the run-ptest script using a sorted list of tests so that they can be easily restored one by one without a rebuild during testing. With core-image-minimal on qemuarm64: Recipe | Passed | Failed | Skipped | Time(s) valgrind | 333 | 49 | 17 | 7637 Signed-off-by: Randy MacLeod <> Signed-off-by: Ross Burton <>
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