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core-image-sato-ptest-fast: Add 'fast' ptest execution image
Create a common include file which lists recipes that have ptests divided into 'fast' and 'slow' groups. This allows us to include ptests which otherwise may not get included in images and allows us to test the faster running things more regularly. The new image allows access to these faster executing tests. 'fast' is defined as tests which execute in under 30s roughly speaking. Signed-off-by: Richard Purdie <>
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+require conf/distro/include/
+DESCRIPTION += "Also includes ptest packages with fast execution times to allow for more automated QA."
+# This image is sufficiently large (~1.8GB) that it can't actually fit in a live
+# image (which has a 4GB limit), so nullify the overhead factor (1.3x out of the
+# box) and explicitly add just 1500MB.
+# strace-ptest in particular needs more than 500MB
+# ptests need more memory than standard to avoid the OOM killer
+QB_MEM = "-m 1024"