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* ruby: Update to 2.4.4Armin Kuster2018-05-151-2/+2
* ruby: fix typo in gmp PACKAGECONFIG optionAndre McCurdy2018-05-151-1/+1
* ruby: remove spurious db build dependencyRoss Burton2018-05-151-1/+1
* ruby: update to 2.4.3Armin Kuster2018-03-032-356/+2
* ruby: update to 2.4.0Alexander Kanavin2018-01-1315-437/+516
* ruby: Security fix for CVE-2017-14064Rajkumar Veer2017-11-212-0/+80
* ruby: Security fix for CVE-2017-14033Rajkumar Veer2017-11-212-0/+90
* ruby: Security fix for CVE-2017-9229Thiruvadi Rajaraman2017-11-212-0/+37
* ruby: Secruity fix for CVE-2017-9226Thiruvadi Rajaraman2017-11-212-0/+34
* ruby: Security fix for CVE-2017-9228Thiruvadi Rajaraman2017-11-212-0/+27
* ruby: Security fix for CVE-2017-9227Thiruvadi Rajaraman2017-11-212-0/+25
* ruby: Security fix for CVE-2016-7798Thiruvadi Rajaraman2017-11-212-1/+167
* ruby: fix build of ruby-native with gcc7Joshua Lock2017-11-212-0/+34
* ruby: obey LDFLAGS for the link of librubyChristopher Larson2016-05-142-1/+30
* ruby: Upgrade to 2.2.5Khem Raj2016-05-131-6/+2
* ruby: break out ri-docs and rdoc into separate packagesIoan-Adrian Ratiu2016-02-181-2/+11
* meta: more removals of redunant FILES_${PN}-dbgRoss Burton2015-12-161-5/+0
* ruby-native: Depend on openssl-nativeKhem Raj2015-12-011-1/+1
* ruby: add a recipe from meta-rubyAlexander Kanavin2015-09-113-0/+93