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Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* sysklogd: don't use update-alternativesMarkus Lehtonen2017-12-021-11/+1
* sysklogd: conflict with other syslog daemonsChen Qi2017-09-251-8/+4
* sysklogd: Improve build and fix runtime crashKhem Raj2017-07-083-3/+66
* sysklogd: use update-alternatives for more manpagesPaul Gortmaker2017-03-171-0/+3
* sysklogd: do more to properly work with systemdMark Asselstine2017-01-164-2/+47
* sysklogd and busybox: ignore return code from init script stopMarkus Lehtonen2016-10-111-1/+1
* sysklogd: Explicitly set EXTRA_OEMAKE as requiredMike Crowe2016-02-101-0/+2
* sysklogd: untangle header inclusion mazeKhem Raj2016-01-222-0/+133
* sysklogd: inhibit updatercd for non-sysvinitChristopher Larson2015-11-251-0/+5
* sysklogd: upgrade to 1.5.1Chen Qi2015-01-162-5/+4
* Globally replace 'base_contains' calls with 'bb.utils.contains'Otavio Salvador2014-04-251-1/+1
* Revert "Add missing RDEPENDS of initscripts-functions"Chen Qi2014-02-021-2/+0
* Add missing RDEPENDS of initscripts-functionsChen Qi2014-01-061-0/+2
* sysklogd: lower the ALTERNATIVE_PRIORITY in case of systemdChen Qi2013-09-061-1/+3
* sysklogd: add init.d/syslog status command for LSB complianceJackie Huang2013-08-261-1/+12
* sysklogd: fix update-rc.d handlingAndy Ross2012-10-181-42/+1
* sysklogd: removed tabs from syslog.confMihai Lindner2012-08-152-12/+13
* sysklogd: use new update-alternativesMark Hatle2012-05-302-16/+15
* sysklogd: various fixes so it starts/stops cleanlyJoshua Lock2012-02-024-9/+11
* Fix sysklogd build on e500v2 coresMatthew McClintock2011-09-293-1/+23
* sysklogd: Drop ONLINE_PACKAGE_MANAGEMENT as per mailing list discussionRichard Purdie2011-07-122-2/+2
* update patch upstream statusQing He2011-05-131-0/+2
* recipes-extended: Add Summary informationMark Hatle2010-12-161-0/+1
* SRC_URI Checksums AdditionalsSaul Wold2010-12-091-0/+3
* busybox/sysklogd: syslog.conf filesMark Hatle2010-10-212-2/+5
* sysklogd: correct the syslog link and conf fileYu Ke2010-10-193-2/+73
* sysklogd: add sysklogd 1.5Yu Ke2010-09-024-0/+246