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* curl: update to 7.62.0Armin Kuster2018-11-204-150/+0
* curl: fix for CVE-2018-16839/CVE-2018-16840/CVE-2018-16842Changqing Li2018-11-063-0/+113
* curl: CVE-2018-14618Zhixiong Chi2018-09-201-0/+37
* curl: update 7.59.0 -> 7.60.0Andre McCurdy2018-05-292-21/+9
* curl: 7.54.1 -> 7.57.0Huang Qiyu2018-01-265-361/+0
* improve reproducibilityJuro Bystricky2017-11-081-0/+32
* curl: Security Advisory - curl - CVE-2017-1000254Li Zhou2017-11-051-0/+138
* curl: fix CVE-2017-1000099, 1000100, 1000101Wenzong Fan2017-09-053-0/+191
* curl: add krb5 to PACKAGECONFIGRoy Li2016-05-061-0/+43
* curl: drop obsolete pkgconfig_fix.patchAndre McCurdy2016-02-111-32/+0
* curl: Ugrade to 7.38Saul Wold2014-12-032-338/+0
* curl: Security Advisory - curl - CVE-2014-3620Chong Lu2014-11-051-0/+69
* curl: Security Advisory - curl - CVE-2014-3613Chong Lu2014-11-041-0/+269
* curl: remove unused patchMaxin B. John2014-08-061-8203/+0
* curl: Update to 7.37Saul Wold2014-06-251-38/+0
* curl: remove inapporpriate file from curl releaseTudor Florea2014-05-151-0/+8203
* curl: Backport a fix for a build issueTudor Florea2014-05-031-0/+38
* curl: add upstream status to patchJoe Slater2013-07-181-0/+2
* curl: update to upstream version 7.30.0Marko Lindqvist2013-05-291-170/+0
* curl: backport patch to fix segfaultsMartin Jansa2013-04-051-0/+170
* curl: update to upstream version 7.29.0Marko Lindqvist2013-02-221-14/+11
* curl: update to upstream version 7.28.1Marko Lindqvist2012-12-311-24/+21
* curl: eliminate forced setting of -g0 when compilingJoe Slater2012-11-241-0/+11
* curl: upgrade to 7.26.0Alexandru DAMIAN2012-07-091-76/+0
* curl: upgrade to version 7.21.6Qing He2011-05-042-1/+6
* packages: Separate out most of the remaining packages into recipesRichard Purdie2010-09-012-0/+109