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* libgcrypt: Update to 1.5.1Saul Wold2013-04-293-24/+4
* libgcrypt: replace obsolete automake macros with working onesMarko Lindqvist2013-01-092-1/+18
* libgcrypt: fix out-of-tree buildsRoss Burton2012-12-141-1/+1
* libgcrypt: fix build with automake 1.12.xNitin A Kamble2012-07-171-3/+0
* libgcrypt: clean up FILE after PACKAGE reorderSaul Wold2012-06-192-5/+3
* libgcrypt: Fix unpackaged file warningRichard Purdie2012-02-241-0/+3
* libgcrypt: add BBCLASSEXTEND native for gnutls-nativeSaul Wold2011-11-161-0/+2
* libgcrypt: Update to 1.5.0Saul Wold2011-10-142-6/+7
* libgcrypt: add libcap to DEPENDSPaul Eggleton2011-09-192-2/+2
* Drop PRIORITY variableRichard Purdie2011-07-011-1/+0
* update patch upstream statusQing He2011-05-131-0/+2
* SRC_URI Checksums AdditionalsSaul Wold2010-12-091-0/+3
* packages: Separate out most of the remaining packages into recipesRichard Purdie2010-09-013-0/+83