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* libical: drop the ad hoc native generator buildAlexander Kanavin2021-03-101-32/+0
* libical: update 3.0.8 -> 3.0.9Alexander Kanavin2021-03-102-104/+22
* libical: backport a patch to fix build with ICU 68.1Ross Burton2020-11-111-0/+81
* libical: add PACKAGECONFIG glib and enable it by defaultAndreas Müller2019-11-041-0/+33
* libical: upgrade to 3.0.5Ross Burton2019-07-271-44/+0
* libical: tidy up Perl findingRoss Burton2019-06-061-30/+0
* libical: refresh patchesRoss Burton2018-03-091-10/+7
* libical: fix build failure after changing machineMaxin B. John2016-09-131-0/+44
* libical: update to 2.0.0Maxin B. John2016-01-292-84/+0
* libical: Upgrade 1.0.0 -> 1.0.1Maxin B. John2015-12-163-0/+117