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-= How to setup and use TestBuilder
+How to setup and use TestBuilder
-I assume below that you wish install TestBuilder into ~/testbuilder directory.
+I assume below that you wish to install TestBuilder into `~/testbuilder` directory.
-1. Copy files from OE contrib/testing/testbuilder directory to any place you
- wish to use (e.g. ~/testbuilder) and goto that directory
+1. Copy the files from OE `contrib/testing/testbuilder` directory to any place you
+ wish to use (e.g. `~/testbuilder`) and go to that directory.
-2. Run setup-testbuilder script with OE branch and bitbake branch you wish to
+2. Run the `setup-testbuilder` script with an OE branch and BitBake branch you wish to
use. E.g.:
- ./setup-testbuilder "testing-next" "1.10"
- It will clone OE and bitbake trees and prepare build/conf/local.conf file
- for you. You can review local.conf after and add some settings there.
-4. Create testbuilder.conf according your needs. You can use
- testbuilder.conf.sample as reference.
+ ./setup-testbuilder "testing-next" "1.10"
-5. Run ./testbuilder and wait for build results. Check 'logs' subdir for log
- files ('tail logs/B.*' is useful)
+ It will clone the OE and BitBake trees and prepare the file `build/conf/local.conf`
+ for you. You can review `local.conf` afterward and add some settings there.
-You can run single configured build (e.g. "testing")
-./testbuilder -B testing
+4. Create `testbuilder.conf` according to your needs. You can use
+ `testbuilder.conf.sample` as reference.
-Or you can use testbuilder to build specified distro/machine/image
-(e.g. angstrom-2008.1/qemuarm/console-image)
-./testbuilder -D angstrom-2008.1 -M qemuarm console-image
+5. Run `./testbuilder` and wait for the build results. Check the `logs` subdir for log
+ files (`tail logs/B.*` is useful)
-If you wish only setup environment and run bitbake by hands you can
-use -S option:
-./testbuilder -D angstrom-2008.1 -M qemuarm -S
+You can run a single configured build (e.g. "testing").
+ ./testbuilder -B testing
+Or you can use TestBuilder to build a specific distro/machine/image
+(e.g. angstrom-2008.1/qemuarm/console-image).
+ ./testbuilder -D angstrom-2008.1 -M qemuarm console-image
+If you wish to only setup an environment and run BitBake by hand you can
+use the option `-S`.
+ ./testbuilder -D angstrom-2008.1 -M qemuarm -S
Yury 'Jay7' Bushmelev