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angstrom: add script to make a mini personal feed containing only the differences between upstream feeds and your deploydir
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+# MIT Licensed
+# Initial version by Graeme 'XorA' Gregory, Further changes by Koen Kooi
+# Run this from inside ${DEPLOY_DIR} e.g. tmp/deploy/glibc/
+# Angstrom webserver
+# Feed dir we want to upload to
+REMOTED=feeds/unstable/ipk/$(basename $PWD)
+# create upload dir
+mkdir -p upload-queue || true
+# Find and delete morgue dirs, we don't need them
+echo "Deleting morgue directories"
+find ipk/ -name "morgue" -exec rm -rf \{\} \;
+# Copy symlink packages to an upload queue
+echo "Symlink packages to upload queue"
+find ipk/ -name "*.ipk" -exec ln -sf ${PWD}/\{\} upload-queue/ \;
+# Find file already present on webserver
+echo "Getting file list from server"
+wget $REMOTEM/$REMOTED/unsorted/files-sorted -O files-remote
+ls upload-queue/ | grep -v morgue > files-local
+# Check for files already present on webserver
+echo "Checking for duplicates"
+cat files-remote files-local | sort | uniq -u >files-uniq
+cat files-uniq files-local | sort | uniq -d > files-trans
+rm -f upload-queue/bigbuck*
+# Clean out stale packages
+if [ -d personal-feed ] ; then
+ rm -rf personal-feed
+mkdir -p personal-feed
+# Copy over non-duplicate files
+echo "Starting rsync..."
+rsync -vz --partial --copy-links --progress --files-from=files-trans upload-queue/ personal-feed/
+echo "Generating index for your personal feed..."
+( cd personal-feed ; PATH=$PATH:$(find ../../../staging/$(uname -m)* -name "ipkg-make-index" | sed s:/ipkg-make-index::g) ipkg-make-index -p Packages -m . >& /dev/null )
+# Clean up temporary files
+echo "Removing upload queue"
+rm -rf files-remote files-local files-uniq files-trans upload-queue
+echo "Your personal feed is now ready at ${PWD}/personal-feed"