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<section id="gettingoe_configuring_oe">
<title>Configuring OpenEmbedded</title>
- <para>This section is a stub, help us by expanding it</para>
+ <para>At this point, your <literal>$OEBASE/</literal> directory should
+ contain at least the following subdirectories:
+ <itemizedlist>
+ <listitem><simpara><literal>build/</literal></simpara></listitem>
+ <listitem><simpara><literal>bitbake/</literal></simpara></listitem>
+ <listitem><simpara><literal>openembedded/</literal></simpara></listitem>
+ </itemizedlist>
+ </para>
+ <section><title>Environment Setup</title>
+ <para>There are a few environment variables that you will need to set
+ before you can build software for OpenEmbedded using BitBake. You will
+ need to set these variables every time you open a terminal for
+ development. You can automate this in
+ <filename>~/.profile</filename>, <filename>/etc/profile</filename>, or
+ perhaps use a script to set the necessary variables for using BitBake.
+ </para>
+ <para>Since the path to your OpenEmbedded installation will be used in
+ many places, setting it in your environment will allow you to use
+ the <varname>$OEBASE</varname> variable in all pathes and make it
+ easier to change in the future should the need arise. To
+ set <varname>$OEBASE</varname> if you use a Bourne like shell
+ <footnote>
+ <para>If you use a CSH like shell (e.g. on a FreeBSD system), you
+ will set environment variables like this:
+ <screen>
+$ setenv VAR_NAME "VAR_VALUE"</screen>
+ </para>
+ </footnote>, do this:
+ <screen>
+$ export OEBASE=/path/to/your/oe/installation</screen>
+ </para>
+ <para>If you followed the recommendation to use BitBake from svn, you
+ will need to add the path to the BitBake executable to
+ your <varname>PATH</varname> environment variable like this:
+ <screen>
+$ export PATH=$OEBASE/bitbake/bin:$PATH</screen>
+ </para>
+ <para>In order for bitbake to find the configuration files for
+ OpenEmbedded, you will need to set the <varname>BBPATH</varname>
+ variable.
+ <screen>
+$ export BBPATH=$OEBASE/build:$OEBASE/openembedded</screen>
+ </para>
+ <para>Finally, if you wish to allow BitBake to inherit
+ the <varname>$OEBASE</varname> variable from the environment, you will
+ need to set the <varname>BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE</varname> variable:
+ <screen>
+$ export BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE="OEBASE"</screen>
+ Note the absence of the "$" character which implies that you are
+ setting <varname>BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE</varname> to the variable name, not
+ the variable value.
+ </para>
+ </section>
+ <section><title>Local Configuration</title>
+ <para>It is now time to create your local configuration. While you could
+ copy the default <filename>local.conf.sample</filename> like this:
+ <screen>
+$ cd $OEBASE
+$ cp openembedded/conf/local.conf.sample build/conf/local.conf
+$ vi build/conf/local.conf</screen>
+ It is actually recommended to start smaller and
+ keep <filename>local.conf.sample</filename> in the background. Add
+ entries from there step-by-step as you understand and need
+ them. Please, do not just edit
+ <filename>build/conf/local.conf.sample</filename> but
+ actually <emphasis>READ</emphasis> it (read it and then edit it).
+ </para>
+ <para>For building an <literal>org.openembedded.dev</literal> branch, in
+ your <filename>local.conf</filename> file, you should have at least
+ the following three
+ entries: <varname>BBFILES</varname>, <varname>DISTRO</varname>
+ and <varname>MACHINE</varname>. For example, consider the following
+ mininal <literal>local.conf</literal> file for the &Aring;ngstr&ouml;m
+ distribution and the Openmoko gta01 machine:
+ <screen>
+BBFILES = "${OEBASE}/openembedded/packages/*/*.bb"
+DISTRO = "angstrom-2008.1"
+MACHINE = "om-gta01"</screen>
+ </para>
+ </section>
<section id="gettingoe_building_software">