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usermanual: Only advertize using shlibs for external toolchains
Using shlibs and ASSUME_SHLIBS should be everything we need to get proper dependencies into packages. This section should get more work and the external-poky-toolchain approach should be copied to simplify this task.
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<para>OpenEmbedded tries to automatically add run-time dependencies
- (RDEPENDS) to the package. It uses the <emphasis><link
- linkend="shlibs">shlibs</link></emphasis> system to do add them, in this
- case it was not able to find packages providing these libraries as they
- are prebuilt. This means they will not be added to the RDEPENDS of the
- just created package. The result can be fatal. If you use OpenEmbedded
- to create images you will end up with a image without a libc being
- installed. This will lead to a fatal failure. To workaround this issue
- you could create a package for the metadata to install every needed
- library and use ${BOOTSTRAP_EXTRA_RDEPENDS} to make sure this package is
- installed when creating images.</para>
- <para>However, the correct way to resolve this is to provide explicit
- mapping using ASSUME_SHLIBS variable. For example, for the libraries
- above (partial):
+ (RDEPENDS) to generated packages. It is inspecting binaries and
+ libraries and uses the <emphasis><link linkend="shlibs">shlibs</link>
+ </emphasis> system to do add dependencies for the linked libaries,
+ however in this case it was not able to find packages providing these
+ libraries as they were prebuilt.
+ </para>
+ <para>One way to resolve this problem is to provide an explicit mapping
+ using the ASSUME_SHLIBS variable in a config file <filename>local.conf</filename>.
+ For example, for the libraries above (partial):
ASSUME_SHLIBS = "libqtopia2.so.2:qtopia2_2.4 libc.so.6:libc"