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authorRoger Monk <r-monk@ti.com>2010-05-26 23:49:23 +0100
committerKoen Kooi <koen@openembedded.org>2010-05-27 14:38:43 +0200
commit9b6418d9f32df4f5dffcacfcb09214d44b4b3a60 (patch)
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angstrom-uboot-scripts: Add linuxtag demo script
Signed-off-by: Roger Monk <r-monk@ti.com> Signed-off-by: Koen Kooi <k-kooi@ti.com>
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diff --git a/recipes/angstrom/angstrom-uboot-scripts/linuxtagdemo.cmd b/recipes/angstrom/angstrom-uboot-scripts/linuxtagdemo.cmd
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--- /dev/null
+++ b/recipes/angstrom/angstrom-uboot-scripts/linuxtagdemo.cmd
@@ -0,0 +1,37 @@
+#setenv usbtty 'cdc_acm'
+#setenv mpurate '500'
+#setenv buddy 'none'
+#setenv vram '12M'
+#setenv defaultdisplay 'dvi'
+#setenv dvimode '640x480MR-16@60'
+setenv setbase 'setenv baseargs ${memmap} console=${console} mpurate=${mpurate} buddy=${buddy} vram=${vram} musb_hdrc.fifomode=${musbfifomode} omapfb.mode=${defaultdisplay}:${dvimode} omapdss.def_disp=${defaultdisplay}'
+setenv nandroot 'root=/dev/mtdblock4 rw rootfstype=jffs2'
+setenv nandargs 'run setbase; setenv bootargs ${baseargs} ${nandroot}'
+setenv nandloaduimage 'nand read ${loadaddr} 280000 400000'
+setenv nandboot 'run nandloadimage; bootm ${loadaddr}'
+setenv mmcroot 'root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 rw rootfstype=ext3 rootwait'
+setenv mmcargs 'run setbase; setenv bootargs ${baseargs} ${mmcroot}'
+setenv mmcloaduimage 'fatload mmc 0 ${loadaddr} uImage'
+setenv mmcboot 'run mmcloaduimage; bootm ${loadaddr}'
+echo Setting Specific Environment from MMC boot.scr
+# set musb to only use 8k for fifo memory - not necesary on xm, but safe anyway
+setenv musbfifomode '5'
+# mpurate is read from omap registers on omap3530 (which x-load has set to 600mhz?), on xm, uboot sets this to 1GHz
+#setenv mpurate '720'
+setenv memmap 'mem=80M mem=128M@0x88000000'
+setenv vram '16M omapfb.vram=0:8M,1:4M,2:4M'
+setenv defaultdisplay 'dvi'
+setenv dvimode 'hd720'
+#setenv dvimode '1280x720MR-32@60'
+run mmcargs
+run mmcboot