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+# /etc/apm/apmd_proxy.conf: configuration file for apmd.
+# This file is managed by debconf when installing or reconfiguring the
+# package. It is generated by merging the answers gathered by debconf
+# into the template file "/usr/share/apmd/apmd_proxy.conf".
+# The following doesn't yet work, because current kernels (up to at least
+# 2.4.20) do not support rejection of APM events. Supporting this would
+# require substantial modifications to the APM driver. We will re-enable
+# this feature if the driver is ever modified. -- cph@debian.org
+# Set the following to "false" if you want to reject system suspend or
+# system standby requests when the computer is running on AC power.
+# Otherwise set this to "true". Such requests are never rejected when
+# the computer is running on battery power.