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* recipe_sanity.bbclass: only check RPROVIDES/RDEPENDS in target recipes.Chris Larson2009-06-191-4/+9
* recipe_sanity.bbclass: add checks for "bad" vars like RDEPENDS/RPROVIDES.Chris Larson2009-06-191-0/+8
* recipe_sanity.bbclass: add checks for missing/default variablesChris Larson2009-06-191-0/+23
* recipe_sanity.bbclass: add check to handle bugs wrt var expansions in var names.Chris Larson2009-06-191-4/+30
* recipe_sanity: add check for PACKAGES in native/cross and split to recipe_san...Chris Larson2009-06-191-5/+20
* recipe_sanity.bbclass: add initial recipe sanity checker.Chris Larson2009-06-101-0/+111