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* Revert "geodegx: Fix glibc configure error"Henning Heinold2009-11-091-2/+2
| | | | | | This reverts commit 7e28606c9432c4fcb7e633c2dfb699eee14094c6. Signed-off-by: Henning Heinold <heinold@inf.fu-berlin.de>
* geodegx: Fix glibc configure errorPetr Štetiar2009-11-061-2/+2
| | | | | | | | | | | Fix glibc configure error: | configure: running configure fragment for add-on nptl | checking sysdep dirs... configure: error: The geode subspecies of i486 is not supported. | FATAL: oe_runconf failed Signed-off-by: Petr Štetiar <ynezz@true.cz> Signed-off-by: Henning Heinold <heinold@inf.fu-berlin.de>
* machine/geode[gl]x: use more optimization while compilingOtavio Salvador2009-05-201-7/+8
| | | | | | | | Since the code is now the same for Geode GX and Geode LX we also merged the tunning files in a single tune-geode.inc, making it easy to improve from now on. Signed-off-by: Otavio Salvador <otavio@ossystems.com.br>
* machine/geodelx: optimize using gcc 4.3 -mgeode and a specific feed archOtavio Salvador2009-04-031-1/+1
| | | | Signed-off-by: Otavio Salvador <otavio@ossystems.com.br>
* geodelx: set glibc options (nptl addon and use tls)Otavio Salvador2008-11-201-0/+3
* geodelx: include x86 tune to set the arch for i486 or glibc fails to buildOtavio Salvador2008-11-191-0/+2
* KERNEL_IMAGETYPE cleanupMarcin Juszkiewicz2007-08-221-0/+2
| | | | | Proper place for KERNEL_IMAGETYPE is machine config as there is no machine which use miscelanous types of kernel. Moved found occurences.
* bootimg.bbclass - This creates a bootable image using syslinux, your kernel ↵Raymond Danks2006-05-311-0/+7
and an optional initrd syslinux.bbclass - This creates a configuration file suitable for use with syslinux. db1200.conf geodelx.conf - add db1200 and geodelx machine configurations. Forgot the mt-add on these in the last attempt...